Saturday, October 3, 2015

"I Want to Get Baptized!"

What a week! There was a bit of a change in the transfer schedule. I'm still with Sister Fisher! So that's super awesome(: All the missionaries that were supposed to come last Friday were delayed a week because of visa problems, so President Jergensen just pushed the transfer meeting back a week. Sister Fan decided to stay an extra week instead of going home! How cool is that?(: She's so awesome. This week we saw a ton of miracles! We got so many new awesome investigators and set baptismal dates with many of them!
Last week we went finding and ran into this couple as they were coming home from work, Lin Dixiong and Chen Jie Mei. When we first talked to them they acted like they had no interested at all. We encouraged them to meet with us to see if this message suited them. We met with them on Tuesday and surprisingly they both set dates for the 31st of October! Whoa! Goes to show we really don't know how is prepared! Talk to everyone!
We met with Ling this week. She's been struggling to receive and answer about whether she needs to get baptized or not. We were talking to her and I asked her if she believed this church was true. She said yes! I suddenly found myself telling her, "This is your answer. You know it's true, so now it's time to take action. Will you be baptized?" She set a date for the 17th of October! That lesson was completely led by the Spirit. It was so cool! God is amazing!

Friday night we met with an LA's son. We've been talking to her about helping him get baptized and she agreed to it! Monday night the kid came running in and said, "I want to get baptized!" I love those words(: We set a date for the 24th of October and he said, "That's too late." So we set it for the 17th. He said that was still too late! We told him that we needed to help him understand the gospel a little bit more before he could get baptized, so we finally set a date for the 15th. I love it! At church on Sunday he kept telling everyone when he was getting baptized and kept asking us if he could invite his friends. Of course! I'm so excited(: 
One day we were out looking for LA's. I got a prompting that we needed to pray and decide if we should keep looking for them or if we should go finding. We got a very strong feeling that we needed to go finding. Well right as we showed up there was this father and his two kids just coming home. We talked with them and they were amazing! The two kids were so adorable and were so interested in baptism and in Jesus Christ! The father kept saying that they don't understand, but we were able to bear testimony that Christ loves everyone and this gospel is simple enough that everyone can understand it. I really feel that they are something special. They will get baptized one day.
One night we were sitting outside calling people and this old couple came up to us. We asked if we could sing for them, and suddenly this 80 year old man burst out into song for us. It was beautiful. I loved it. We were able to sing for them and pray for them. I love all the little moments that I have to share this gospel. 
I'm so happy! Seriously, I know without a doubt that this gospel brings true happiness! I know who I am, what I'm doing here, and where my ultimate goal is. This gospel has helped me through so many trials in my life. I know that even though things may not be according to my plan they are going according to God's. I know that His hand is in everything I'm doing. I know that He is guiding all of us. I wouldn't trade this time for anything. Enjoy General Conference this coming weekend! Listen to the prophet! He knows how to help us find true happiness. I love you all!

Feeding fish 

Making a seaweed wrap!

You always see animals in peoples stores. 
How do you train a dog to do this?

Our big group of missionaries!

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