Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Wow! This week was so crazy! To start off, I have a new companion! Sister Luo! 羅姐妹! She is from Taizhong and I absolutely love her! I have been laughing so hard these past couple days Her English is so good! We speak Chinese when we're together, but if we're with other white people we typically speak English haha! All of her family is part of the church, so that's super awesome. And she is one of the strongest people I have met! A couple months ago she got sick and all of her hair started falling out, but she has the most optimistic attitude ever! She's going to just go and shave the rest of her head today! She's so awesome! 

So last Monday a typhoon hit! And this time it affected me haha! I was at the chapel with my district playing games when we got a phone call saying that we needed to head home for the rest of the night. It was pouring like crazy and the wind was so strong! At one point the wind hit us straight on and Sister Fisher and I had to jump off of our bikes to keep from falling over. And then we got back on and the wind came from behind us! I jumped off my bike but kept running because the wind kept pushing my bike! (I finally remembered my bike had brakes haha!). So that was quite the adventure trying to get home! 

So on Thursday we had the transfer meeting. It was so much fun! They announced that I was companions with Sister Luo and I was so stoked! But then one of the assistants came up to me and was like, "So we have a bit of a problem... Sister Luo found out about an hour ago that she was moving today." Whoa! So we had to go back to her house and pack all of her stuff up haha! So fun ;) But I absolutely love her! She got sick this week, so we had to stay in and rest. Pray for my sweet companion! 
This week I really realized how much baptism means to me. President Jergensen put together a video of all of us missionaries at our baptism day with our families. I saw a picture of my dad and I standing all in white and I had no idea how much that meant to me until that moment. I started crying as I realized the impact that decision has had on my life. My dad deciding to join the church changed my life and my family's life forever. Because of that he was able to help me get baptized and a year later we were able to become an eternal family in the temple. Because of that decision I am now on a mission helping other people come unto Christ and finding that new start that comes only through faith in Christ and baptism. Wow. Who knew that a decision I made at 8 years old could have such an impact. Baptism really is a beautiful thing! God knows we aren't perfect, so He has given us a way to become clean. It's a way to start over and to become better! I am so grateful for a loving Father in Heaven who knows His children and loves them enough to provide this beautiful plan. I am so happy. I love you all so much!(:

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  1. Yes, for the Plan of Salvation Courtney and you have been chosen to share it with others and on top of that to our very special Bro. and Sisters in Taiwan... Love you, love seeing your picts and love hearing of your successes... Praying for you and your companion right now...

    Love Papa Johnson... :-)