Sunday, October 25, 2015

All is Well

Hello(: This was a short week with us going to the temple and everything. I felt like a nurse this week because I kept taking care of sick sisters! On Tuesday I went on exchanges and brought a sister to my area, but she was sick so we just stayed inside all day. And then on Thursday I brought Sister Westover from Zhu Dong into my area. On Friday we were planning on switching back but that morning I got a call from my companion saying that Sister Westover's companion, Sister Tan, was sick and that we should go work in their area. So we went to Zhu Dong and Sister Westover and I worked in that area all day haha! So this week has been pretty crazy.
We met an awesome family this week, Wu family. We went out knocking doors and knocked on this super nice door. The mom and daughter came out. My companion prayed for them and the woman started crying! They accepted a Book of Mormon and set a baptismal date for the 12th of December! Pray for them! It was seriously so amazing! God is guiding His work!
We met with Qiu Jie Mei this week and she asked us how she could help her son receive the gospel! She has improved so much! Her baptismal interview is this coming week! I am so excited for her!
So several weeks ago I was with Sister Fisher and we saw this man walking his dog. We gave him a tract with our name and number on it and he went on his way. About two weeks later he came to church. Sister Fisher and I didn't recognize him, but he had the tract with our name and number on it! He brought his 15 year old son to church because he wants his son to have a religion. So Sister Luo and I have been meeting with him for several weeks! He has been reading the Book of Mormon everyday and praying everyday! He is really excited for his baptism on the 21st of November! God's hand is in everything!
I'm so happy. God is real. He loves us. He lives! I know that. He gives us experience for our benefit. Life is too good. I love you all!
Temple day

Our English students fall asleep in class

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