Sunday, October 25, 2015

All is Well

Hello(: This was a short week with us going to the temple and everything. I felt like a nurse this week because I kept taking care of sick sisters! On Tuesday I went on exchanges and brought a sister to my area, but she was sick so we just stayed inside all day. And then on Thursday I brought Sister Westover from Zhu Dong into my area. On Friday we were planning on switching back but that morning I got a call from my companion saying that Sister Westover's companion, Sister Tan, was sick and that we should go work in their area. So we went to Zhu Dong and Sister Westover and I worked in that area all day haha! So this week has been pretty crazy.
We met an awesome family this week, Wu family. We went out knocking doors and knocked on this super nice door. The mom and daughter came out. My companion prayed for them and the woman started crying! They accepted a Book of Mormon and set a baptismal date for the 12th of December! Pray for them! It was seriously so amazing! God is guiding His work!
We met with Qiu Jie Mei this week and she asked us how she could help her son receive the gospel! She has improved so much! Her baptismal interview is this coming week! I am so excited for her!
So several weeks ago I was with Sister Fisher and we saw this man walking his dog. We gave him a tract with our name and number on it and he went on his way. About two weeks later he came to church. Sister Fisher and I didn't recognize him, but he had the tract with our name and number on it! He brought his 15 year old son to church because he wants his son to have a religion. So Sister Luo and I have been meeting with him for several weeks! He has been reading the Book of Mormon everyday and praying everyday! He is really excited for his baptism on the 21st of November! God's hand is in everything!
I'm so happy. God is real. He loves us. He lives! I know that. He gives us experience for our benefit. Life is too good. I love you all!
Temple day

Our English students fall asleep in class

Friday, October 23, 2015

Third Time's the Charm

Hello!(: This was a wonderful week and a half! I got to go to the temple today and I feel so prepared to take on the world! I love it!(: This last week we had a baptism! Jim got baptized! And it was probably one of the most entertaining baptisms I've ever been to. So Sister Luo and I got to the chapel about an hour early to start the water. About half an hour later we checked on it and it seemed to be filling up SO SLOWLY. About fifteen minutes later a member came and told us, "You didn't put the plug in." Oops. So we were trying to figure out how we were going to fill up the font in time.

 I suggested using a hose (as a joke) and the members started looking at the fire hose that was located near the font haha! They finally came to the conclusion that there wouldn't be any water in the hose. So the elders grabbed buckets and found a hose outside and started filling it up. So our poor 11 year old investigator got into the water (that was freezing cold) and it barely came up to his knees. He went under the first time, and his feet came out. He went under a second time, and his head stayed out of the water. Finally the third time the member baptizing him basically stood on his feet to try and keep him under water haha! Oh man, it was too good. But hey, he got baptized. And he's really changed a lot! It's so cool to see the change that comes about from baptism(:

We went on four exchanges this week. I love the sisters in my zones! One day I went with Sister Cardon into her area in Toufen. We both felt like we needed to knock this one door, so we did. This woman was super excited that we showed up and started asking us why we were there and stuff. I asked her if this was her house, and she said, "No, this is a Buddhist chapel!" Oops. Us missionaries aren't allowed to proselyte around other religious sites (makes sense.) So the woman asked us why we were there and I said, "Oh, we just wanted to look around." So she gave us this tour of this Buddhist chapel haha! That was an adventure. But hey, what a great cultural experience ;) And then I ate duck for dinner that night. 
I went on another exchange with Sister Juarez in our area. We ran into this man that looked really familiar. He said that a couple months ago he had met sister missionaries. I asked him, "Did you give them peanuts?" He looked really surprised and said, "How did you know?!" Haha! So this time he gave us more peanuts and a bag of sugar. Then as we were out finding we knocked on the door of this one old man. He opened the door and asked us, "Are you missionaries?" We said yes. Then in Chinese he said, "Rejected" as he slowly shut the door on us. Haha! Then this woman invited us into her house and gave us food. We gave her a Book of Mormon, and she tried giving us money. We didn't accept it, so instead she said, "Ok I can hug you!" She hugged me and then grabbed my face and said, "Do you know what else we do?" And I was so certain I was about to get kissed by a woman. Luckily she just kissed me on the cheek haha! That missionary life though. 
Man, missionary life is just too much fun. I thank God every day for the opportunity to be here serving Him. I love it. I am so grateful for my relationship with God and my Savior, Jesus Christ. I have realized lately what my baptism means to me. I am so grateful that everyday I have a chance to start over and change. I am so grateful for repentance. God knows we are imperfect, but He allows us to use the Atonement so we can have a clean slate and start all over. How beautiful is that?! I love my life(: I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Bald Girl and a White Person

This week was so busy but absolutely amazing! I cannot tell you how much I love my companion. She is so hilarious! Sometimes when we contact people she will say, "I'm sure you think it's strange that a bald girl and a white person are talking to you right now." Haha! She has the greatest attitude about everything!
This week we met with our LA's kid to help him get baptized, Jim. He is so cute! His interview is tonight and his baptism is this Thursday! Please pray for him! Last Monday when we met with him he told my companion, "You don't need hair to be beautiful. You are beautiful because of who you are on the inside!" This ten year old has got it right! How cute! 
We met with Qiu Jie Mei this week as well. We haven't been meeting with her for a while because we wanted to give her time to really think about how message and what it means to her. Well this week we set a baptismal date for her. And she picked it herself: MY BIRTHDAY! I was so excited, and she was too!(: Little tender mercies from God.

On Wednesday we were biking to our English meeting right before English class and I saw a mom and his son walking on the side of the road. I felt prompted to talk to them. Turns out this kid just happened to have the day off from night school and was looking for an English class! He is also looking for a religion! I love how the Holy Ghost works!
We met with another LA and her little sister and brother this week. We have been trying to help the little sister, Lisa, get baptized. We were talking to her about baptism and suddenly her 9 year old brother piped in and said, "If it was me I would get baptized." Sister Luo and I looked at each other and then invited him to baptism. He accepted without a doubt! How cool! He is so sweet! Pray for him as well!
General Conference was absolutely amazing. I am so grateful for a living prophet today. I'm so grateful we can receive guidance and counsel. I love the idea of "ponderizing" a scripture. The idea is to pick a scripture every week and put it where you will see it often. Then throughout the week really think about the meaning of the scripture and how to apply it to your life. Throughout this process you will memorize it and it will have more meaning to you. I would like to invite you all to try that this week. Find a scripture and ponderize it. I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Wow! This week was so crazy! To start off, I have a new companion! Sister Luo! 羅姐妹! She is from Taizhong and I absolutely love her! I have been laughing so hard these past couple days Her English is so good! We speak Chinese when we're together, but if we're with other white people we typically speak English haha! All of her family is part of the church, so that's super awesome. And she is one of the strongest people I have met! A couple months ago she got sick and all of her hair started falling out, but she has the most optimistic attitude ever! She's going to just go and shave the rest of her head today! She's so awesome! 

So last Monday a typhoon hit! And this time it affected me haha! I was at the chapel with my district playing games when we got a phone call saying that we needed to head home for the rest of the night. It was pouring like crazy and the wind was so strong! At one point the wind hit us straight on and Sister Fisher and I had to jump off of our bikes to keep from falling over. And then we got back on and the wind came from behind us! I jumped off my bike but kept running because the wind kept pushing my bike! (I finally remembered my bike had brakes haha!). So that was quite the adventure trying to get home! 

So on Thursday we had the transfer meeting. It was so much fun! They announced that I was companions with Sister Luo and I was so stoked! But then one of the assistants came up to me and was like, "So we have a bit of a problem... Sister Luo found out about an hour ago that she was moving today." Whoa! So we had to go back to her house and pack all of her stuff up haha! So fun ;) But I absolutely love her! She got sick this week, so we had to stay in and rest. Pray for my sweet companion! 
This week I really realized how much baptism means to me. President Jergensen put together a video of all of us missionaries at our baptism day with our families. I saw a picture of my dad and I standing all in white and I had no idea how much that meant to me until that moment. I started crying as I realized the impact that decision has had on my life. My dad deciding to join the church changed my life and my family's life forever. Because of that he was able to help me get baptized and a year later we were able to become an eternal family in the temple. Because of that decision I am now on a mission helping other people come unto Christ and finding that new start that comes only through faith in Christ and baptism. Wow. Who knew that a decision I made at 8 years old could have such an impact. Baptism really is a beautiful thing! God knows we aren't perfect, so He has given us a way to become clean. It's a way to start over and to become better! I am so grateful for a loving Father in Heaven who knows His children and loves them enough to provide this beautiful plan. I am so happy. I love you all so much!(:

Saturday, October 3, 2015

"I Want to Get Baptized!"

What a week! There was a bit of a change in the transfer schedule. I'm still with Sister Fisher! So that's super awesome(: All the missionaries that were supposed to come last Friday were delayed a week because of visa problems, so President Jergensen just pushed the transfer meeting back a week. Sister Fan decided to stay an extra week instead of going home! How cool is that?(: She's so awesome. This week we saw a ton of miracles! We got so many new awesome investigators and set baptismal dates with many of them!
Last week we went finding and ran into this couple as they were coming home from work, Lin Dixiong and Chen Jie Mei. When we first talked to them they acted like they had no interested at all. We encouraged them to meet with us to see if this message suited them. We met with them on Tuesday and surprisingly they both set dates for the 31st of October! Whoa! Goes to show we really don't know how is prepared! Talk to everyone!
We met with Ling this week. She's been struggling to receive and answer about whether she needs to get baptized or not. We were talking to her and I asked her if she believed this church was true. She said yes! I suddenly found myself telling her, "This is your answer. You know it's true, so now it's time to take action. Will you be baptized?" She set a date for the 17th of October! That lesson was completely led by the Spirit. It was so cool! God is amazing!

Friday night we met with an LA's son. We've been talking to her about helping him get baptized and she agreed to it! Monday night the kid came running in and said, "I want to get baptized!" I love those words(: We set a date for the 24th of October and he said, "That's too late." So we set it for the 17th. He said that was still too late! We told him that we needed to help him understand the gospel a little bit more before he could get baptized, so we finally set a date for the 15th. I love it! At church on Sunday he kept telling everyone when he was getting baptized and kept asking us if he could invite his friends. Of course! I'm so excited(: 
One day we were out looking for LA's. I got a prompting that we needed to pray and decide if we should keep looking for them or if we should go finding. We got a very strong feeling that we needed to go finding. Well right as we showed up there was this father and his two kids just coming home. We talked with them and they were amazing! The two kids were so adorable and were so interested in baptism and in Jesus Christ! The father kept saying that they don't understand, but we were able to bear testimony that Christ loves everyone and this gospel is simple enough that everyone can understand it. I really feel that they are something special. They will get baptized one day.
One night we were sitting outside calling people and this old couple came up to us. We asked if we could sing for them, and suddenly this 80 year old man burst out into song for us. It was beautiful. I loved it. We were able to sing for them and pray for them. I love all the little moments that I have to share this gospel. 
I'm so happy! Seriously, I know without a doubt that this gospel brings true happiness! I know who I am, what I'm doing here, and where my ultimate goal is. This gospel has helped me through so many trials in my life. I know that even though things may not be according to my plan they are going according to God's. I know that His hand is in everything I'm doing. I know that He is guiding all of us. I wouldn't trade this time for anything. Enjoy General Conference this coming weekend! Listen to the prophet! He knows how to help us find true happiness. I love you all!

Feeding fish 

Making a seaweed wrap!

You always see animals in peoples stores. 
How do you train a dog to do this?

Our big group of missionaries!