Sunday, September 6, 2015

Miracles and The Atonement  

Wow! What a week! this was probably the fastest week of my mission! Starting last Monday I was companions with Sister Fan up until Friday morning. It's really cool because after Sister Fan and I split the first time we both had a feeling we would be companions again. Thankfully we were! And we saw so many miracles! Monday night we got to meet with Ling, and we set a baptismal date with her for the 19th of September! When she was saying the closing prayer she started crying! The Spirit was so strong! Sister Fisher and I were able to meet with her and her whole family again last week and we got them all to commit to read scriptures and pray together as a family every day! You can tell that Ling really wants her family to be together forever.

We went and did a mini tsunami in XiangShan on Tuesday and that was super fun. I took a 13 and 14 year old girl out finding! They were so adorable. I had to prompt them to say things at first, but over time they got more bold in sharing their testimonies! It was really cool. It was funny because after about an hour they both got really tired, but I still felt like I could keep going! It really made me realize that God is lifting me up and pushing me through my day everyday. I couldn't do any of this work without Him. 
We met with one of Sister Fan's hilarious LA's that prayed that Sister Fan would get married to the Ward Mission Leader. She also told us that she isn't brave enough to kill people, so that's why she doesn't do it. I guess that's one reason for keeping that commandment ;) 
Yesterday at church our investigator, Qiu Jie Mei, was able to stay for all three hours of church! And she really loved it! Her baptismal interview is at the end of this week, so pray that she will prepare well for it! 
So a couple weeks ago we randomly felt like stopping by a member's home to share a message with her. Her husband is in China and he isn't really active right now, so we like to check up on her and see how she's doing. Well at that time we felt like the visit was really awkward and we couldn't figure out why. But a couple weeks later that member shared her testimony about how grateful she was that we had stopped by her home to see how she was doing! Then yesterday her husband game to church! We were able to meet with him and his wife really quick after church to share a quick message, and he told us how grateful he was that we stopped by his home to visit his wife! Goes to show you really don't know how your actions impact other people. 
It rained a lot this week! It went from being super hot to cool enough to put a sweater on. I'm not looking forward to this year's winter. 
This week I really gained a strong testimony of the enabling power of the Atonement. At the beginning of last week I was really stressed about having to take care of several areas. But I made it through, and I know it's because of the Atonement. Christ even said, "Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me." (1 Nephi 21:16) He will not abandon us. He is there for us, especially in our hardest times! I am so grateful for that. I'm so grateful for my mission! I'm so grateful for the chance to get to know my Savior even more. I am so grateful for all the lessons I've learned. I wouldn't trade a single second of this experience for anything! I love you all and have a wonderful week(:


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