Sunday, August 23, 2015


Yeah, that's right, a tsunami is here! That is, a tsunami of missionaries anyways. This week 28 missionaries have been picked to go to the Zhu Nan zone and just go finding all day everyday for them. My dear companion, Sister Fisher, got picked. So I am left to manage Sister Training leader stuff and my area for about a week. But guess what? I get to be companions with Sister Fan again! Oh man, we were so excited(: So along with my area I will be taking care of her area. Also we got volunteered for a mini tsunami in XiangShan, so that's a third area. It's a party ;) I am so excited to see the miracles that unfold this week!
This last week flew by! Time is so crazy. Last Monday Sister Fisher and I had a really cool experience. We had planned to go finding by this man's house in our ward. As were were biking there Sister Fisher suddenly didn't know if we were still in our area, so we decided to turn a different way and go finding somewhere else. I kept getting drawn to this one street, and we realized it was an LA's house. We pulled out our ward list and found the name of the member were were originally going to go finding by. We realized the original direction we had been going was very wrong, so we continued down the street we were on then. We got to his area and started finding. Everyone was rejecting us. I saw two women down the street and felt like I needed to talk to them, but at the same time I knew that they were going to reject us. I asked God, "Why do you want me to talk to them if they are going to reject us?" I kept walking, but saw a house with a woman inside and instantly knew she was the person we were supposed to talk to. Well, turns out she was that one member's daughter! She was super sweet and she is now our investigator! It was so cool to see God's hand in all of that! He was trying to get us from point A to point D, but first He had to get us to B and C. The whole time I had no idea why I was going the way I was going or why I needed to talk to the people I was talking to, but God had a plan! He always has a plan! He is guiding us every step of the way!
This week we went on two exchanges with the Zhubei sisters because one of them just had surgery so she's stuck in bed all day. On Wednesday I stayed inside with her and then on Friday I had the opportunity to go out and work with Sister Knapp. On that day it was about 40 degrees Celsius outside! It's finally getting hot in XinZhu. It was a really fun exchange! We went and sang for old people and then we went to their investigator's baptismal interview. The interview went over an hour and she came out crying. This woman was so happy to be getting baptized. She just came up to me and gave me the biggest hug. It was one of the most spiritual things I've ever experienced. This woman was so excited to make that first step in returning to Christ. She was so overwhelmed with love and happiness. She was glowing. Absolutely beautiful. 
One day all of our plans fell through. We did all of our back up plans but some of those fell through as well. We had a little time before going home and we were determined to find a new investigator before the night end. We started biking home and decided we would talk to whoever we felt impressed to talk to. We were at a stop light and this boy pulled up next to us. Without thinking I was asking him to pull over and talk with us. Well, he did and he became our new investigator! God saw our efforts and desires and provided a miracle! So many things like this have happened on my mission. God is a God of miracles!
My companion shared this scripture with me this week in 2 Nephi 27:23, "For behold, I am God; and I am a God of miracles; and I will show unto the world that I am the same yesterday, today, and forever; and I work not among the children of men save it be according to their faith." I love that! God will never change! If we exercise our faith God will put forth miracles! Trust that He is there! Trust that He loves us! Trust that He knows what is best for us. Trust in Him. He lives! I know it! I love you all so much! 

Passion Fruit

One of our investigators made us dinner!! Yum fish!!

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