Monday, August 3, 2015

If Planted It Will Grow

Well, this was a short week (in the sense that there were only 5 days, otherwise it felt longer than most weeks). I'm not really sure what to talk about other than ARLYN GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!! Definitely the highlight of my week! I am so happy right now! It was so beautiful. We sat by her and translated for her the whole time. I got to go up with her and translate her testimony. She is so sweet and on Sunday she received the gift of the Holy Ghost(: Her baptism was a miracle because we didn't know if her boss would give her time off until the night before! God is a God of miracles! I love this gospel!

We had a meeting in Taibei on Friday, and I ran into Sister Tan who told me that Dong Dixiong in Hualian has a baptismal date! I just started crying I was SO HAPPY! I love the work of the Lord! There is so much happiness!
On Sunday Cindy came to church! Then after church we met with her and she is absolutely amazing! She ran into some missionaries on the street one day and they gave her an English Tract. She decided to come to English class. She said that she felt really happy at the church building and wanted to come to church. She really wants to be baptized! We have a date for her for the 22nd of this month! But she's 17 so she needs her parent's permission and she's a little worried that they will fandui. So pray that God will prepare a way for her! (:
Yup. That's my week in a nutshell! I love XinZhu because there is so much wind, so this summer hasn't been too bad. The members here are amazing! There are so many sisters that are returned missionaries so they are awesome in lessons! I love my companion so much! My life is just too good right now(:
I'm so grateful for this gospel in my life. As I watch people convert to this gospel I get an opportunity to think about my own conversion process. And I it really is a process. Conversion doesn't happen over night. It's like planting a seed. If the tree doesn't sprout immediately we don't just give up on it; we keep working on it. That's the same with our testimonies. We sometimes don't see our own growth, but if we are doing the things we are supposed to do then we are growing. Three simple things that us missionaries always share are reading scriptures, praying, and coming to church. Through these three things we can gain a testimony of the truthfulness of this gospel. And I KNOW this gospel is true! I know that it can bring more happiness than anything else! 
I love you all so much!(: 
We love Hot Pot


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