Friday, August 21, 2015

A God of Miracles

This week was filled with random little miracles. God is seriously so amazing. I am so grateful to be a tool in His hands in bringing about the salvation of His children! Last Monday night we went biking to a place in our area to go finding, but when it got dark we discovered that Sister Fisher didn't have her safety reflective vest (it's a rule for missionaries that you can't ride your bike unless you're wearing it). So we decided to walk back to the apartment to go and get that. On the way home we met an awesome guy that we prayed with and gave him a Book of Mormon, I chased after another man to give him a pamphlet, and then we sang with this sweet old woman. I love to see how God works with our mistakes. We aren't perfect, but this work is. 
One day we went out to lunch and there wasn't any room to sit, so we ended up sitting at the same table as this other woman. We ended up having a good conversation with her and then giving her a Book of Mormon. I truly believe if we open our mouths God will give us the words to say to spread the gospel to everyone. He is guiding us! Then that night we had a good chunk of finding to do. We left our apartment and the first woman we met became a new investigator! We biked a little bit further down the street and met a tongxue and she also became a new investigator! We finally got on the main road and we reached a stoplight. I saw we only had about 15 seconds left, but I found myself talking to the man next to me. I asked if we could pull over and talk to him for a little, and he became a new investigator too! He even set a baptismal date! Seriously! 3 new investigators within an hour. God is a God of miracles!
This last Sunday was so crazy. So on Saturday we had run into these men near the hospital that were chewing binlang (It's a drug) and smoking like no other. We talked to them for a little, invited them to church, and then left. Well, on Sunday we suddenly saw them walk into the chapel! It was so surprising but so amazing! It goes to show that everyone needs this gospel, even the ones that you don't think. And then after church this random woman walked into the building and said she wanted to learn more! We set up to meet with her! 
God has put so many amazing people into my life. Our investigator, Cindy, hasn't been able to meet with us because her parents fandui. So please pray for her that she will be able to keep exercising her faith. We are hoping that our investigator, Qiu Jie Mei (the one that walked into English class several weeks ago and asked me if I remembered her) will get baptized next Saturday! Pray that she will keep developing her faith and have a desire to be baptized!
I think the biggest blessing of my mission has been that I have had the opportunity to be a tool in God's hands. It is such a beautiful thing to see this work come about. It's amazing to see how all the little details fit together so that things work out so perfectly. Some people might say coincidence, but I know that it's God's set up. He lives! He loves us! He knows us. 
I love this work! I love Taiwan! I am so happy with my life right now(: Look for the tender mercies that God gives you! You will recognize His hand in your life more. I love you all!(:
Bus Ride

Hair cut

I lost my shoe in the street!!
More Rain!

Xin Zhu and a beautiful rainbow!!

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