Tuesday, July 21, 2015

That Mission Life

This was an incredibly fast week! I went on three exchanges so I had the opportunity to work with many different missionaries this week and I loved it! And this week was FILLED with miracles! God is absolutely incredible!
I got to go on exchanges with Sister Wood, which was really cool because she was the first missionary that greeted me in the MTC and took my around to my room and classes and stuff. So that was really fun working with her(: We saw a lot of miracles together, like getting lost but still managing to share the "Because He Lives" video with some tongxues. It was really fun(: We also got to meet with Ling and her two daughters and teach them the Plan of Salvation. They loved it! Ling had so many awesome questions! We set a new baptismal date for all of them for the end of next month because they are going out of town for a while. Ling told us, "I really want my husband to get baptized with me." How awesome! She really knows that this gospel is a blessing! I love that!
Wednesday was a miracle day! That morning we had interviews with President Jergensen. He is awesome! It was really fun talking to him one on one. Then Sister Fisher and I met with a member's daughter. She was really sweet, but basically was like, "I'm only meeting you guys because my dad wants me to." But by the end she was willing to set a baptismal date! Pray for Liu Jie Mei! Then Sister Fisher and I ended up at a 7-11. She felt prompted to talk to this woman that was just sitting outside and smoking. Her name is Chen Jie Mei and at first she was very closed off to us, but then we were able to watch "Because He Lives" with her and pray with her. Her whole countenance changed throughout the whole time we were talking with her! It is so cool to see the Spirit working in people. She downloaded the Book of Mormon onto her phone and set a baptismal date for the end of next month! It was a miracle! This truly is God's work and He's guiding us every step of the way!
I went on exchanges with Sister Beeston (who lives in our apartment) and brought her into our area. It was so much fun! That night we had the opportunity to teach Arlyn, our beautiful investigator from the Philippines. This was the first time we had taught an English lesson in a LONG time! So right before we prayed with our peike that we could have the gift of tongues so that we could speak English (how strange is that?). God definitely led that whole lesson. Arlyn is absolutely amazing and has so much faith! She just needs to come to church one more time before she can get baptized! We have a goal for her for the end of this month, so pray that she will be able to come to church this next Sunday!

You would think that I would get used to riding my bike by now, but this week alone I managed to fall off of it 3 times haha! I'm sure others are very amused by a strange white girl biking in a dress and falling at random times ;) Also, our back patio keeps flooding because the hose on our washer machine leaks, so we are always trying to mop that up. Adventure is out there! ;)
Taiwan is as beautiful as ever. The people are amazing. This work is the work of the Lord. I know that without a doubt. I see miracles everyday, and I know you can do if you look hard enough. God is always by our side! Life is so beautiful. I love you all!


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