Thursday, July 30, 2015

Angels in the Shower

Hello!(: I went to the temple this morning and it was so wonderful! I'm so blessed to be a part of a mission that I have the opportunity to go to the temple! It really is a little bit of heaven on earth(: This week helped me build my testimony of miracles. I saw so many! 
The first one: last week we had stopped at a 7-11 to use the restroom. I saw a toothbrush there and wanted to know how much it was. I asked the lady next to me, and she was nice and helped me. We were leaving and I felt prompted to just give her a tract for our English class. She seemed really interested and then suddenly told us, "Hey! I've been to Utah before and I watched a video at the temple square." So we were able to share with her more about our church and she met with us again this last week! She had so many awesome questions! If we hadn't of needed to go to that bathroom we never would have met her. God is seriously guiding!
The second one: this woman showed up to English class and said to me, "Do you remember me? You gave me an English tract last week at that one stop light!" Well... to be honest I meet a lot of people at a lot of stop lights haha! But we ended up meeting with her and setting a baptismal date with her! She really wants to get baptized and learn more! Goes to show you never know what will affect people.
The third one: This one is pretty funny. We had finished a lesson at 9, so our curfew was pushed back to 9:30. We were outside the apartment complex when my companion's name badge fell off and went into the gutter. (Not like a dry gutter either...). She was DETERMINED to fish that thing out before 9:30! Haha! So we were crouching by this gutter trying everything to get it out (including tying a magnet to a string and using two sticks as chopsticks). Nothing worked and it was getting close to 9:30. We decided we would try again in the morning. That night I told her, "Sister Fisher, I have enough faith that God will perform a miracle and tomorrow morning that name badge will be out of the gutter." The next morning we were coming back from exercise and we looked in the gutter and it wasn't there! We went up to the room and it was sitting on her desk with a note saying that it had been fished out and cleaned! Our two angels were still in the shower, but it was a miracle performed by God nonetheless. Most people would put this off as a coincidence, but I definitely attribute it all to God. He works in many different ways in order to help his children, even if that way is just two sister missionaries. 
The fourth one: ARLYN CAME TO CHURCH!!! She passed her baptismal interview and is scheduled to get baptized this Saturday!! That was seriously such a miracle because she called us right before church saying that she could come! We are so excited for her! Pray that she will make her baptismal date!
The fifth one: Several weeks ago we meet this sweet girl, Cindy, in English class and set up to meet with her. Houlai she stood us up and she kind of just slipped under our radar. On Wednesday she came up to us and said, "Hey, I want to come to church this Sunday." We said of course! As the week went on we totally forgot, but then on Sunday she just showed up to church on her own! She didn't need any reminding or anything! It was so awesome!
The sixth one: We were biking to dinner and I saw all of these a'mas sitting around talking. One caught my eye and I had this very vague feeling I needed to go back to her. I kept arguing to myself, "Nah... she's too old." Finally I told Sister Fisher and she told me, "No one is too old for a cookie!" Haha! So we park our bikes in front of a house and walked back. Nothing came from it, and I was thinking "Why did I have that feeling?" We went back to our bikes and this woman was waiting in a car to get into her garage. We quickly moved our bikes out of her way. Sister Fisher then said, "That was too much of a coincidence for it to be anything other than God's set up. We have to talk to her." So we went back, and she was amazing! Her name is Katie and she teaches English. But she was really interested in why there were so many different churches. We were able to share with her about the restoration of the gospel and give her a Book of Mormon! She was so receptive to everything! It's amazing because God gave me that prompting to go back so I would park my bike and later run into Katie. HOW COOL IS THAT?! This work is amazing!
This was an incredible week! I cannot get over how incredible God is! I know that this is His work and He is in charge of this! He has a perfect plan and knows how to help all of His children! What an honor it is to be a missionary! I love it so much! I love this work! Ah!(: Miracles. They're real. You just have to look for them. 
I love you all!(: <3


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