Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Abish Sisters

It's already Monday? This was such a fast week FILLED with miracles! I love 新竹 Xin Zhu! I love Sister Fisher so much! We have just been laughing and talking non stop this whole week. I love it. I also got to meet the new mission president! President Jergensen is so awesome! I love him and his family already! His 19 year old daughter and 15 year old twin boys are living over here too and they are all so cute! He is such an amazing President and I'm so excited to see what is going to happen with this mission!
We have this one investigator and her English name is Ling. Sister Murri and Sister Smith found her a couple months ago, and this last week we set a baptismal date with her for the end of the month! On Sunday morning we went to visit her at her house, and her family was there! We did a quick family home evening with them and they are now our investigators as well! WE FOUND A FAMILY! And they are amazing! The husband had never said a prayer before, but he very willingly said the closing prayer! Then Ling and her two kids came to church that afternoon! It was amazing! And that day in the gospel principles class they talked about the Word of Wisdom. Sister Fisher and I were kind of like, "Uh oh, how is she going to take this?" But the whole time she was nodding her head and adding in her own thoughts and opinions. After the class she told us that she had already been following the Word of Wisdom her whole life! Ah! That was so awesome to hear! She is amazing!(:
Sister Fisher and I were out finding one day and literally we could not find anyone to talk to. We finally felt prompted to knock this one specific door. This kid, Kevin, came out and he was like, "Hey, I lived in Utah for a month and went to the temple there! Can I come to church with you?" Um... yes! So this Sunday he came to church! He seemed to enjoy it! That was an incredible miracle!
So there is this one investigator here who is actually from the Philippines. Her name is Arlyn. Sister Murri and Sister Smith found her right before Sister Fisher got here. She has come to church once because the a'ma that she works for always needs her home on Sundays. But his Sunday we showed up to church a little early and got a call from Arlyn. She said, "Hey, I can come to church today!" Oh my goodness! So she came to church! She also has a baptismal date for the 18 of this month! God is a God of miracles!
We had 6 investigators at church this Sunday! What! That was so cool! God is absolutely incredible! One of them was this eleven year old girl, Pan Jie Mei. She is so cute and SO sassy! She cracks me up! But she's been coming to church for a while, she just can't find time to meet with us. But she came this Sunday and stayed afterwards for a baptism. She was impressed by the fact that an 8 year old girl was getting baptized. So pray for her that she will have a desire to follow Christ and get baptized!
This week we had some funny moments. President Jergensen talked to us about Alma 19 and this woman named Abish. She was converted unto the Lord and she ran from house to house to spread His gospel. He told us that we may not physically run but we need to be spiritually running to proclaim this gospel. Well, that night Sister Fisher saw this woman walk by us and said, "We need to go after her." She started running after her. I started running after Sister Fisher, but I accidentally hit her and knocked her water bottle out of her bag. The woman turned when she heard the sound, and all she saw was me running after her, so naturally she picked up her pace and ran off haha! What a sight that must have been ;) Poor woman. We told President Jergensen our story and we are now referred to as the "Abish Sisters." Haha!
Also, Sister Fisher tried teaching me how to properly get onto my bike, but that resulted in my bike falling on the ground and my reflective vest to be all caught up on my bike haha!
My life is too great. I know that God still performs miracles in our lives. I know that He is constantly watching out for us and wants what is best for us. I love this verse in the Book of Mormon: "And if there were miracles wrought then, why has God ceased to be a God of miracles and yet be an unchangeable Being? And behold, I say unto you he changeth not; if so he would cease to be God; and he ceaseth not to be God, and he is a God of miracles." I know this to be true. I invite you all to look for the miracles and tender mercies in your lives. I know they are there! God lives! The church is true! 
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