Sunday, July 19, 2015

5 Hundred 25 Thousand 6 Hundred Minutes

I hit my one year mark this last week. That is so crazy to me. It's even crazier that I am here serving with Sister Fisher. We met each other a year ago! We keep talking about those good ol' MTC days and how crazy time is. I don't even want to think about it. I am loving my life! 
This was a fast week! We went on two exchanges with our sisters and they were so much fun! My very first exchange was in my area. Luckily I didn't get lost and I managed to find all the appointments we had set up ;) The second one I went with a sister that had been visa waiting in the states for two transfers and just got here. That was also very fun! I love being with so many amazing sisters!
This week the weather was very strange because a typhoon passed by Taiwan. It would be really hot and sunny one minute and then just a sudden down pour of rain. It was actually quite fun haha! At one point we were biking and we got to a stop light. The light turned green and I started biking, but my shoe slipped off because of the rain! So I watched as about 12 cars ran over it haha! Thank goodness for rubber crocs ;) Sister Fisher came to my rescue and ran out and saved it. 
When Sister Jergensen first got on the island she used an awesome analogy for sharing the gospel. She started telling us that she had made some really delicious chocolate chip cookies, but as she thought about it more she wasn't sure if we were the cookie type. She was also nervous that if we didn't like them she would be embarrassed. She also realized that us missionaries are super busy, so maybe we didn't have time to eat one! She then said that sometimes we use these excuses when sharing the gospel. I really liked that. I believe everyone has time for a cookie!
So the other day I was biking and I passed by this girl who smiled at me. I had this feeling that I needed to go back and talk to her, but I started making excuses. "We don't have time. She's probably already left that spot. If we went back that would be going against traffic." But I put the word "cookie" in there and it changed everything! Of course she needs a cookie! Who doesn't?! So we turned around and we ended up having an awesome lesson with her! She said that she normally avoids missionaries because they approach her very awkwardly, but she loved talking with us! We were able to give her a Book of Mormon and invite her to come to English class! It was so cool! This world needs cookies!
We didn't have much luck this week with meeting our investigators. They all got busy... or they all lost interest. But that's ok! Everyone has their own time. I was on exchanges when Sister Fisher met with Ling, but apparently she has some awesome questions! She kept asking what the purpose of life is and how we can return to God's presence! She is so awesome! She's going out of town for the next couple of weeks though. Please pray for her!
As a missionary I get the opportunity to meet so many different kinds of people. I absolutely love it. I also get the chance to hear everyone's outlook on life. I'm very surprised to hear that most people don't care where they came from, why they are here, or where they go after this life. It boggles my mind that people have never thought about these questions before! It makes me so grateful that I know God's plan for me and for all of His children. I'm so grateful that God gave us this life to learn and to grow. I'm so grateful He gave me my family so that I could develop these relationships with people that I love. I'm also grateful that through this gospel I can live with my family forever and return to Heavenly Father's presence. This knowledge helps me know who I am and who I can become. If you've ever asked these questions before, please talk to the missionaries! Seriously, this is our purpose. We are here to help people understand God's plan for us! How lucky am I? I absolutely love it. 
I love Taiwan. I have never been happier. I love these people. I love my Savior. I'm so grateful for this chance to serve Him with all of my heart. I know this church is true without a doubt in my mind. I love you all and have a good week!
The members took us out to dinner. Look at all the food they bought!!

We named my hair Frederick!!

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