Wednesday, June 10, 2015

                                                                   Meant For Me

I really can't believe I'm serving my mission in Taiwan. This place is absolutely beautiful. The people are so amazing. The church is growing. What an honor to be a part of the work going on here in Taiwan. I am so happy. 


We had an opportunity this week to do a Family Home Evening with Chloe's family! They seemed to really feel the spirit! Chloe is just as awesome as ever. She is just the cutest! She continues to read her Book of Mormon and continues to build her faith in Christ. I am so honored to have met her!
This District is going to become a Stake in a couple of weeks! I am so excited for that to happen! I cannot believe I am serving here on the East Coast at this amazing time. 
We saw miracles this week! We found 11 new investigators! That's almost as many as we found as a whole last month! This really began to make me ponder. This is God's work, so why doesn't He just lead the prepared people to me? Why is it that sometimes it feels like the work is going really smoothly and sometimes I feel like I've hit rock bottom? 
This week I was able to receive some cool inspiration about that. I thought about how a couple weeks ago I just could not find any new investigators for the life of me, and now all of a sudden we were finding several a day! Why was that?

It's because a couple weeks ago I wasn't the person that I am today. God is giving me these opportunities to learn and grow. If He just handed investigators to me I would never truly appreciate this work. I would just expect things to be easy and never have a chance to change. And that's when it all hit me; this mission is for me as much as it's for anyone that I meet. I am God's investigator! He hopes that I can be converted to Him. He hopes that I will turn to Him in times of need. He hopes that I will read my scriptures to find my answers. And that's exactly what I have done! This mission has changed me and I am truly converted. I have an unwavering faith in God's plan for me and for the salvation of mankind. I know that Jesus Christ is central to that plan and that His Atonement is for everyone. I know He lives.
Not much else to say. I know this church is true. I know that God loves all of His children and wants us all to get to know Him better. I invite you all to grow closer to God through daily prayer and scripture reading. I know you will see a definite change in your life! I love you all!


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