Friday, June 5, 2015

Footprints in the Sand

CHLOE GOT BAPTIZED!!! Oh my goodness, it was the most amazing baptismal service I have been to! She brought several of her friends and she bore the most INCREDIBLE testimony! She basically was like, "The first time I met with the sister missionaries they invited me to baptism and I said sure, but I really didn't know what baptism was. But as I started going to church and I kept meeting with them I realized that this was a good thing and I really did want to get baptized!" She's just absolutely incredible. I am so fortunate to have had this opportunity to help her to meet God and to follow Christ by getting baptized. It really is my privilege. The Spirit was burning in my chest during the whole baptismal service. I absolutely love Chloe. I am so grateful that God allows me to do this work so I can see these miracles. 

The rest of this week went by really quickly. We had the opportunity to go up to Taibei for a trainer/trainee follow up meeting. I literally feel like I just became companions with Sister Meyers and we are more than halfway through training. What is life? Why does time fly by so quickly? It was a really good meeting and I learned so many new things! My favorite part was President Day's training. He said that sometimes we will ask ourselves, "Why is this so hard?" He told us that we might not receive the answer to that question immediately or even on our mission, but God is preparing us for something even bigger down the road that we can't see. He said that on his mission he had many moments where he asked that question. Now over 30 years later when missionaries come to him with these kind of questions and problems he can show them his journals where he struggled and it really comforts his missionaries! He had no idea at that time that God was preparing him to be a mission president! God does everything for our benefit. 
A really exciting moment was when we were running through the MRT station trying to catch our train after that meeting haha! Who needs exercise when you can just try and catch a train? ;)
I had the opportunity to go on exchanges with Sister Knight this week. Literally every single appointment stood us up haha! But we still found unplanned opportunities to preach the gospel. A really cool moment with the gift of tongues happened during that exchange. It was our last appointment of the night (unplanned) and it was with this LA that is mentally handicapped and hasn't been coming to church for a while. I was so tired and just ting bu dong-ing the whole lesson, but I prayed that God would give me some inspiration so that I could show this man that I cared and loved him. A scripture came into my mind and I flipped open to it and read it to him. It was 2 Nephi 26:33 " For none of these iniquities come of the Lord; for he doeth that which is good among the children of men... he inviteth them all to come unto him and partake of his goodness." I had no idea how this applied to him until I finished reading and he looked at me and asked, "God didn't give this to me?" Wow. I saw it all click for him; God loves him and wants what's best for him. Thank goodness this is God's work and He has given us the Spirit to guide us in all our steps! 
As for all things annoying: my bike tire popped again last night. Haha! I just laughed and laughed. My bike's Chinese name is 很有問題 (Has A Lot of Problems). Haha! I think it's fitting ;)
I have really felt God's love for me a lot lately. Even though I may have trials I have really felt that God is by my side carrying me through everything. During Chloe's baptism one of the members gave a talk and shared the story about the footsteps in the stand.
A man was looking back on his life and saw two sets of footprints in the sand except for when he was going through his hardest trials. He looked at Christ and asked, "Why did you leave me during my hardest times?" Christ replied, "I didn't leave you; I carried you." The Atonement has the ability to lift us up and carry us through. If we rely on our own strength we will fall. But if we rely on God and Christ's Atonement we can do all things that they want us to do. I know that this is God's work. He will lift us up and carry us through. 
I hope you all have a fantastic week!(: Happy June!

I seriously LOVE these people!!!! 

Ariel is here teaching English. She leaves soon.  

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