Friday, May 29, 2015


 "Wa Wa Wa Wa"

Hello! Not going to lie, this was a rough week. I really felt so strongly all of your prayers for me. It was absolutely incredible. Thank you for sending your love and support this way. I really needed it. 
One really awesome thing that happened this week is that Chloe passed her interview!!(: She's going to get baptized this coming Friday! I am so excited and she is just so adorable! I have seen how she has grown in the gospel and come closer to Christ. I really am so proud of her and so honored I had the opportunity to help her build her relationship with God.
Sister Meyers is the greatest. She made me laugh on so many occasions this week. We were trying to cross the street and there were lots of cars coming and going. Finally we saw a break so we went for it. I suddenly saw my companion stop in the middle of the road and this old man on his bike almost hit her. I had no idea what was going on so I stopped too. I suddenly saw her hobbling around with her bike because her shoe had fallen off! Haha! She hobbled to the other side of the road and I saw that her toe had gone through a hole in her other shoe haha! Oh man, I was dying.

I put the flower on my wall :)
On another day I was just having a really rough time. It literally poured all week. We were soaked all week. We were biking to an area to go finding and she saw this man on the side of the road selling flowers. Sister Meyers said, "I want to buy one." I argued with her and said stuff like, "What are you going to do with a flower?" But she persisted, bought it, and then gave it to me. Just the cheesy thing I needed at that moment. Haha! She's too great.
That whole day we had just been getting rejected. It was really disheartening, but we kept going. The very last door we knocked on this nice lady said that she didn't have time right then. Sister Meyers asked if we could give her a pamphlet, so she came out and grabbed it. We turned to leave when suddenly I felt prompted to turn back and ask her if we could pray for her. She said yes! After that everything that came out of my mouth was completely from God. She set up to meet with us again next week! God prepares His people and He gives us in that very moment the words we need to say. 
As for all things funny: one day we went to the night market with the Sister Training leaders. I was laughing how I usually laugh; loudly. The man at the restaurant told me not to leave because when I laughed he made more money! Haha! But then as we were leaving this old man looked at me and started going, "Wa wa wa wa." Haha! Oh my gosh I died! I can officially say my laugh has been made fun of by an old Asian man ;)
Another tender mercy is that my mission mom, Sister Murri, is now the Temple sister! Which means that this week I received a call from her! It was so good and so comforting to hear her voice(: We get to go on exchanges with them this transfer! I am so excited.
Also, Angel from 淡水 Dan Shui came to 花蓮 Hua Lien so we had the opportunity to have lunch with her and her brother and sister! Just what I needed(:
This week I have really learned that God knows what's best for us. We have trials to help us grow. He gives us only what He knows we can handle. He will not abandon us. He loves all of His children. As hard as this work is I wouldn't trade a single minute of it for anything. 
I hope you all have a good week(: 

                                                                 Chicken feet

Our less active member showed up to church on Sunday :)

                                                           It's beautiful here!!!

Part of our Zone

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