Friday, May 8, 2015

That Mission Life

Another week gone by doing the work of the Lord. What a privilege it is to be serving here on this beautiful island of Taiwan. I had the opportunity this week to go on exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders. I went with Sister Tan to her area and my child stayed in our area. She managed it like a champ. I had a neat experience while I was on exchanges. We were talking to a recent convert/less active that has all these questions about faith. Every time the sisters meet with him he has the same questions and isn't willing to come to church. During this lesson I was really ting-bu-dong ing a lot. I had this scripture pop into my head, but I didn't know how to cut in and I didn't know when the right time to share it would be. Finally near the end I just cut in. The atmosphere changed after that and I knew it was completely from God. I truly know that this is God's work and He will help us when we have absolutely no clue what is going on. 
This week we found out that it is for sure that a stake is getting established here in Hualien in June! This means that they will have their first stake conference here! How exciting! I'm honored I could be here to help get Zion established in Hualien.
The Sister Training Leaders had a baptism on Saturday. It was beautiful. I absolutely love baptisms. I showed up and their MM Leader came up to me and said, "Do you play piano? Could you play for the special musical number?" I was very honored that I could use my talents to help invite the Spirit!
As far as investigators go: Chloe and Jenny (we thought her name was Journey but we heard wrong) are so awesome! Chloe has already read to the end of 2 Nephi and Jenny has read half way through Alma! Please pray that their parents will allow them to get baptized!
Zhang Bo Lin: we had lost contact with her for the past two weeks. Yesterday we went to her house with our MM Leader, Jeff, and she was there! Jeff was so good for her. He talked about how this gospel really does bless families and can truly help her. We could tell that she was really feeling the spirit. She set up to meet again. Please pray that she will have a desire to come to church and keep learning!
Other than that, life is getting hot here in Hualien! The weather is so bipolar. I will be sweating like crazy one minute and then the next minute it is pouring rain like there's no tomorrow. It's quite fun ;) I'm still trying to get to know the members. Last week I accidentally started contacting one. I stopped only when my companion turned to me and said, "He's in our branch..." Oops. I'm also still trying to get this language down. I tried telling someone that I ate two pieces of watermelon but I said I ate two whole watermelons by myself. Pretty impressive, huh? ;)
Life is good. I've never been happier. I love and miss you all so much(: Have a good week and May the 4th by with you ;)



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