Tuesday, May 12, 2015

"Guys... Time Is a Short One!"

I am SO HAPPY! Family, I loved seeing your faces!(: I cannot get over how beautiful you all are! And Logan... your voice freaks me out. I won't get over that one haha! Happy Mother's day to my absolutely incredible mama(: I love my family so much and I'm so grateful that we are sealed together for all time and eternity! What a blessing this gospel brings!
This week was awesome! It is President Day's last two months here on the island so it is crunch time! He is really pushing us to become the best missionaries we can be! We had a zone meeting on Tuesday where they talked about the new vision. He is trying to get us to have pride in the fact that we are Taiwan Taibei missions and push us to be the very best we can be! He gave us a goal of one baptism per companionship in the month of May and  two baptisms in the month of June! Pray that we will find these prepared people! I know that President Day is inspired and that this is straight from God!
President Day says that in order to find these people we need to be finding more. So he wants us to do a minimum of 2 hours a day of finding and it should take a big priority in our planning. So Sister Meyers and I have hit the streets and started knocking doors and we have seen miracles so far! We have found several new investigators that we are planning on meeting with this week. One really cool miracle was when I was on my bike. We were at a stop light and a car pulled up to me. He saw the church name on my bike and asked me where it was. I told him, and then asked him if he had interest in our church. He said yes, and gave me his phone number! We plan on meeting this week(:
We had our last interviews with President Day on Thursday. Man, I really don't want him to leave. He is so inspired and so awesome! He has really helped me to push myself to become the person I am today. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to serve in this mission while he is president!
The elders had a baptism this week, and we were able to bring our investigator, Chloe, with us. She was a little scared afterwards of the actually baptizing part, but we were able to help her overcome those fears. At the baptism the MM Leader said, "alright, we are now going to hear a testimony from the sister missionaries." He looked over in my direction and I looked behind me at the sisters waiting for them to get up. He did this several times until he walked up to me and said, "Yes, you." Haha! Oops. That was an honor(:
My child and I are still getting attacked by bugs every day. Sister Meyers has a collection of Chinese medicine because every time anyone sees her they say, "Oh! Your legs!" and instantly run to get her something to put on them haha! I love the Taiwanese(:
There was a Mother's Day activity Saturday night and it was so fun! I was looking around at all of the LA's, recent converts, and members that showed up and I was overwhelmed with the amount of love I have for them. I seriously cannot express how much I love these people. They are all so special and so very dear to me.
During English meeting we were all talking too much and finally Elder Marchant yelled, "Guys... time is a short one!" Haha! We were all like, "What does that even mean?!" But it's so true. Time is so short. We need to make the most of every moment. I had the opportunity to Skype my family for 45 minutes. Time is a short one, but I cherished every single minute. My time out in the mission field is so precious and short that I have to make the most of it! I have to work hard and I have to learn to love every experience; good or bad. My mission has changed my life! I wouldn't trade this time for anything. I am grateful that the Lord allows me to do this work. He doesn't need me, but He is allowing me to learn and grow and make these special relationships with these people. I am so grateful.
I love my life! I love my family(: I love Taiwan. I love my Savior.
I love you all(: Have a great week! <3

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