Saturday, May 23, 2015

Eternal Joy

Wow, this was a fast week filled with so many miracles! How do I even begin? Last Monday night we went finding and this nice woman invited us into her house and gave us ice cream. She had the cutest little granddaughter with her. She listened to our message and accepted a Book of Mormon. She said that she couldn't meet with us again because her husband would fandui. But we had a very strong feeling about her. We left and I got to the stoplight and started contacting a man standing there in Chinese. He stared at me bewildered for about 10 seconds and then I realized he was white haha! Man, I'm so awkward. We had a nice conversation with him (in English...) and gave him a pamphlet to look at. I really don't know how to talk to white people... or what they look like apparently haha!
Some more people gave my companion medicine for her legs, but it turned them all yellow haha! So now her legs are covered in bug bites and dyed an unnatural color ;)
We have been asking everyone for referrals lately. We asked this one man who was not interested in our message and he pointed us to his neighbor. We ended up having a very nice conversation with his neighbor and even got his number! He told us that before he had met us he didn't really understand our church and had a bias against it. But now he had new understanding and was so grateful we gave him a Book of Mormon! How sweet!(: 
I had the coolest experience during contacting this week. We knocked on the door and these two beautiful monk women came out. They had shaved heads and wore robes and everything! We were able to find out more about their religion and they let us pray for them and take a selfie with them! It was so awesome!(:
This week we had some super sweet old women talk to us. The first one asked us to sing for her, and then she started singing for us! At the end she gave us this huge hug and kept telling us she loved us haha! Another time we rang a door bell and this old woman came out and just hugged us! It was so sweet! (And not like Taiwanese culture at all). I absolutely love these people(:
As for Chloe, we called her Tuesday night and she told us that her parents signed the permission slip! She can get baptized! She has her interview this coming Wednesday so please pray that she will feel peace and won't be nervous for it. Her baptism is scheduled for the 29th of this month!(:
Last night I was able to witness the most incredible miracle. We have been meeting with this one family, the Dong family, since I came here with Sister Howell. The mom is a member and the dad isn't. They have an absolutely adorable 7 year old. When we first started doing Family Home Evenings with them the dad would always leave and we would have to call him back in. But over time he started staying and listening and participating in the activities. He even has his own Book of Mormon and he will read scriptures with us! We went over last night to read scriptures with Dong Jie Mei and he ended up staying and listening! Last minute I felt prompted to change the chapter we were reading to one about prayer. We all read it and at the end we invited them to say a family prayer every night. They all agreed. I felt prompted to ask Dong Dixiong if he knew how to pray. He kept giving me excuses like, "Oh, I'll just watch them," or "I can just learn from them, it's ok." Everything that I said after that was not my own words. They were completely from God. I was able to teach him how to pray from the pamphlet that we use and then I invited him to pray. He kept declining, but I kept insisting that this was our missionary purpose; to help others come unto Christ. The room was quiet, but finally he said a prayer! It was his first prayer! Oh my goodness, I was so incredibly happy! Dong Jie Mei was so smiley after that. At that moment I could feel God's love for this family. It was overwhelming. I have never been so happy in my life. 
This was one of the scriptures that was read last night from Alma 31: "And he also gave them strength, that they should suffer no manner of afflictions, save it were swallowed up in the joy of Christ." I know this scripture is true. There have been so many times on my mission when I have felt beaten and tired and upset because I've been rejected all day. But then a moment like last night, Dong Dixiong praying, brings so much joy that all my afllictions are swallowed up in the joy of Christ. I know that the joy that comes from following Christ is greater than any other joy we can find in this life. I know that through the gospel of Jesus Christ we can have peace in this world and eternal joy in the life to come. I know that this is the work of the Lord. I am a happy missionary for the Lord, Jesus Christ(:
I encourage you all to pray to your Heavenly Father and thank Him for all the blessings He has given you. You will notice a lot more than you think(: I love you all!
    This sweet dog followed us around for the day.
This fruit falls off of trees and kills people. It also really stinks! 

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