Thursday, January 29, 2015


Hello(: Such a short week because it was only five days, but it was so wonderful! On Wednesday I had the opportunity to go to the temple! Oh my goodness, it is my favorite place in the whole wide world. It is the one time on my mission that I can forget everything and just focus on the Spirit and feel the peace of the temple. This last Wednesday was the most spiritual temple experience I have ever had and I hold it very near and dear to my heart.
Wednesday night we had English class, and since my companion is a bendi she doesn't teach it. So I had to teach English all by myself! I was so nervous because I was worried that if they tried to ask me a question in Chinese I wouldn't understand them at all. But luckily I remembered it's ENGLISH class... so if they ask me something and I ting bu dong I can just tell them, "Could you say that in English?" ;) It's perfect. And it was so much fun! I had forgotten how much I love to teach!

I love my companion. She is so cute! I feel my Chinese getting better and better each day. She makes me laugh so hard! We get along really well(: I have been so lucky with my companions so far!
This week I had the opportunity to go on exchanges with our new Sister Training Leader, Sister Williams. And we had a BLAST! She has my personality, so the whole time we were together we didn't stop talking once! We were either contacting a person, teaching a lesson, so talking each other's ears off! That night we went to bad at 10:30 (like the obedient missionaries we are) but then we ended up talking until 11:15! Don't worry, we payed for that one the next day ;) But anyways, we went and met with an LA who decided to buy us all sodas (there must have been caffeine in it or something) and these apple pie things from KFC. This memory of how Sister Murri would always take pictures of people she first met came into my mind, so I decided that we should all take a picture. Sister Williams asked this man to help us, and he came over and said, "I'm a member of your church. I haven't been in a while." MIRACLE LA FOUND! We got his number and are planning on setting up with him. But that was totally God's set up! How neat is that?! Things like that remind me that this really is God's work and He is directing us and leading us where we need to go.

Sister Williams and I also found this very interesting family, and Sister Fan and I had the chance to teach them yesterday. The man is 89 years old. He came to Taiwan about 60 years ago and married a Taiwanese lady. Her English is really good. So in this lesson I was speaking Enlgish and Chinese and translating what Sister Fan said into English and it was very interesting. Basically the wife wants her husband to get baptized because he's already a Christian but she likes the way our church sounds. But she isn't interested in it for herself. She thinks she has been Buddhist for too long to change. I bore testimony to them that I knew that this church was the only true church on the earth and that our church was the only church that had the proper authority to perform baptism. We left them some copies of the Book of Mormon, so I hope that they will read it and come to know of the truthfullness of our message.
I would like to take a moment to talk about consequences. God has given us this beautiful thing call agency. It is our ability to make choices; our ability to choose between right and wrong. He has allowed us to come to earth and  completely forget our pre-mortal life so that we can make choices without being swayed by the knowledge of our pre-mortal life. But there are consequences to every choice; good or bad. "You are free to choose and act, but you are not free to choose the consequences of your actions" (True to the Faith pg. 12). The consequence of me staying up late with Sister Williams was that I was incredibly tired the next day. Of my own free choice and will I chose to stay up past the time that we are told we are supposed to go to bed. I was not free to choose the consequence. Sadly, I was not able to choose to not be tired. God has given us commandments so that we can be happy. He is not trying to bind us. He created us, so He knows what is best for us. He knows what will make us the happiest. Following His commandments allows us to be happy and to be free from the consequences of bad decisions. Out of respect for our agency He will never force us to follow His commandments. But like any loving father, He hopes that we will follow His counsel so that we can be the happiest that we can be.
I know that obedience brings true happiness. There is a living prophet directing Christ's true church today. His name is Thomas S. Monson and if we give heed to his counsel we can grow closer to God. I know this to be true.
I love you all! I feel your prayers, I really do. You are all so incredible and mean so much to me <3 


I Love this City


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