Friday, December 26, 2014

Tender Mercies

Wow! Sheng Dan Jie kuai dao le! (Christmas is coming quick!) I will start off with this week's apartment adventures ;) Monday was the first P-Day in about 2 months where I didn't have rehearsal, so I could do whatever I wanted! SO we chose to clean our apartment haha! We went to our security guy and asked him, "We have a couch we don't want. Do you know what we can do with it?" He told us, "Yeah, I have a friend who could take it away for free!" Awesome. So we went back up to our room and 2 minutes later he was knocking on our door and telling us, "Hey, I just called my friend, so bring it down right now!" Well, ok! So we drag this huge couch out of our apartment and we decided to try to get it into the elevator. I backed into it, but the elevator doors closed on me. I was waiting for them to open again, but they didn't. So I was stuck in this awkward position holding this couch in between elevator doors haha! I was able to reach around and hit the "open" button, but we discovered that it didn't fit. So we started to carry it down two flights of the most narrow stairs of my life! Oh my goodness we were laughing the whole time! I kept pushing Sister Murri into the wall and we had to awkwardly maneuver it over handrails and stuff. Finally at the bottom this lady helped us fit it through the door and we got it outside. We quickly ran back upstairs, shoved the rest of our dongxi into the elevator, pushed the button, and raced down the stairs to get to it in time. That was quite the adventure, but hey! Our apartment looks nice now!
We had exchanges from Tuesday to Wednesday, and I finally got to leave my area! But Sister Zhong, the Sister Training Leader, stayed with Sister Murri and apparently was very surprised with the state our apartment was in. So she called the Bu and said, "You need to get them some blankets, a plumber, and a new microwave." What do you know, suddenly all of that happened ;) So we can finally use our sink again and we now have a microwave that works longer than ten seconds.
Last Sunday a man had wandered into our chapel and we were able to meet with him this week. His name is Richmond and he is the sweetest man ever! He has pretty much adopted Sister Murri and I as his granddaughters. He came to church on Sunday and he loved it! Ah!(: We set a date for Wu Dixiong and I think he's going to make it!
So this week was a good learning week for me. I was so focused on getting a second baptism that I started viewing people as numbers instead of real, living human beings. I had to take a step back and realize that God knows and loves all of these people, and I need to love them too. I need to focus on their needs. My testimony that God answers prayers has really strengthened too. I was feeling kind of down, and I prayed that I would receive some comfort. As soon as I finished my prayer Richmond leaned over and gave me this little doll that he had made out of a handkerchief! It was the cutest thing and a little tender mercy from the Lord. And then after church Yang Jie Mei gave me this card that said the sweetest things ever! She wrote one in Chinese, and then wrote one in English so I could read it. I just started crying. It was an answer to my prayers. I know that the Lord answers our prayers. Sometimes it's through reading the scriptures and sometimes it's from a thought that comes into our minds. Sometimes it comes from angels like Yang Jie Mei. My mission has helped me grow closer to my Heavenly Father and I know that He knows each and every one of us individually. He knows our needs and He knows how to help us grow.
I love the ward that I am serving in so much. I had the opportunity to sing with the missionary choir at our chapel. After wards I started to feel slightly home sick from listening to all of the Christmas music. But all of a sudden I was getting dragged into this huge group picture with our whole ward. Let me tell you, I have never felt more out of place than in this country where people stare at me all the time because of how white I am and I can't understand anything that anyone says, but I have never felt like I have fit in more than I do with this ward. They are my family. We are all brothers and sisters. I absolutely love the people here so much!
I know that God has placed me with Sister Murri for a reason. I absolutely adore her. She has taught me so much! During companionship study I ALWAYS have questions for her, and she knows how to perfectly answer them and teach to MY needs. She is the greatest trainer, and I hope that someday I can be as good of a missionary as she is. She found a scripture that she said made her think of me: Genesis 21:6 says, "And Sarah said, God hath made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me." Haha! I love that!(:
I am so grateful to be here this Christmas season celebrating the birth of my Savior. I am so grateful for His sacrifice for all of mankind. I love this work. I love the people. I love Taiwan. I know that my Redeemer and Savior,Jesus Christ, lives. I know that God loves us because we truly are His children. I am so grateful for this experience.
I love you all so much! Have such a wonderful Christmas(:

                                                               I love our new chapel


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