Monday, November 3, 2014

The City of Taiwan

Nuts and Lemonade

So this week was only 5 days long, but man it was SO LONG! Really really good, but long. I am so tired. I can already feel the choir taking its toll! But I am loving this work!(: I have some great stories for you this week. Wednesday we got to go to the temple! That was so great! It was so peaceful and for once I didn't have anything to think about. I loved it so much (: Thursday I accidentally ran into someone on my bike...oops. Luckily she was super chill about it. And then I fell down some stairs.
Friday, Halloween yeah!... they don't celebrate that here. I think that's why everyone is so skinny ;). So we went into San Zhi to do some finding before we were going to meet with one of our less actives, Cai Mei Li. Sister Murri remembered a lady that she had talked to on the bus a couple weeks ago lived in that area, so she gave her a call. She set up an appointment for that night and got off the phone. She turned to me and said, "Wow, she sounded a lot younger on the phone!" So we went to Cai Mei Li's and taught her a lesson. And she always loves to give us stuff. So this time she gave us baby formula. Haha! We still haven't figured out what to do with it ;) We invited her to peike for our lesson with this bus lady, and she agreed! So we went to the Family Mart, and suddenly Cai Mei Li started freaking out because she recognized this girl. We then realize that this girl is the one that answered the phone. So we're like, ok, not the same person but we'll teach her! She was the busy lady's daughter and oh my goodness she's adorable! So throughout the whole lesson our less active suddenly turned into a missionary! She kept inviting her to church and even offered to take her! It was so great! And the girl kept saying how this had to be God's set up. I totally agree! She's willing to keep meeting with us! We left, but we saw Cai Mei Li and her stay so that they could hang out. Oh my gosh it was so cute (: I loved it! God's hand was in that, I know it! God's hand is in everything! Saturday night we were able to reset a baptism date for one of our tong xue because his dad stopped fandui-ing! Yes! So that was awesome!(:
Baptismal Font
The new LDS chapel in Taiwan
Sunday... oh my goodness yesterday was quite the day! After church we had MM meeting (we meet with the ward mission leader to discuss the needs of investigators and stuff). So the assistant ward mission leader, Lin Wen Qi, has really hilarious English. He's the one who said, "Hey, do you want a pumpkin lantern??" So Elder Miller was talking about this one member that always gives him crackers, and Lin Wen Qui turns to him and mistakenly says, "He gives you crack after church?" Haha! Oh my gosh we died! We explained to him the difference between crack and crackers ;) And here's the best story of my week. So it was fast Sunday yesterday, but my companion and I had started fasting after lunch on Saturday. So by the time lunch rolled around we were pretty starving. As we were biking home I pulled the keys out of my bag so that I could open the parking garage faster and then we could eat sooner. So we get in, go all the way up to the room, and I look and see that our room key isn't on the chain anymore. So our key has had this tendency to fall off a lot, so I'm like, "Great, it probably fell off while we were biking!" So we go all the way back to where we got off the bus stop and we can't find it. We go to the front desk and they're like, "We don't have a copy. We give them all to the landlords." So we call our landlady and she's like, "Sorry, I'm not in Taibei and I won't be back until tonight." So then we try calling the mission office and they don't answer. So it's about 2:30 and I am so hungry. We go and sit in the courtyard and realize that we won't be able to eat until 6 when we go into Taibei for choir practice. But luckily miracles still happen in our day. I know that my Heavenly Father loves because when life steals your key, the Taiwanese people give you lemonade and nuts. Haha! Luckily these people happened to be eating in the courtyard and they just walked over and poured us a glass of lemonade and dumped out a bag of nuts into a bowl for us! You don't know how grateful I was for that! So for the next hour we sat there and ate nuts haha!
Here I am eating nuts and drinking lemonade!
 We realized that even if the mission office had a copy of our key they wouldn't get to us until after we had left for Taibei anyways, so we call the temple sisters and ask them if they can feed us food. So we travel to Taibei where luckily the mission office found a copy for us. We finally got a meal from the temple sisters and then went to practice with our district. We sang a song at the New Member Fireside (I was soprano again, so strange!) and then we started traveling home. I am just so happy that we have a copy of our key. We get back up to our room and see our key sitting in the lock. Great. Now I'm paranoid. So we enter the house and I hand Sister Murri scissors and I grab our knife and we search every room to make sure no one is in our house. Now that I think about it, I really have no idea what I was planning on doing with that knife if I did find someone! Haha! So yeah. That's my story. 
Let me tell you, God is so loving and so merciful. He has provided so many miracles (aside from the lemonade and nuts). And that was just proof to me that He knows each and every one of us and our needs. He loves us and He will always provided for us. He is constantly showering blessings on us! 
Also, yesterday morning I finally finished reading the Book of Mormon out loud in pinyin. I started reading it in characters this morning and let me tell you, that's going to take a LOT longer! But I absolutely love this book. This book will bring you closer to Christ. It will bring you peace. You will find answers to your questions. God speaks to us through scripture, I know that for a fact!
This week was so wonderful. I love where I'm at in my life. I love the people of Taiwan. I love my dear, sweet companion who always knows how to make me laugh. She has the most positive outlook on everything. It's incredible. I love you all so much! Thank you for helping me to become the person I am today(: God loves. He loves all of us! Life is so great(:


ME and Wu Xiao Dai

My apartment
Sometimes I love what the humidity does to my hair!

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