Monday, November 10, 2014

It's Your Birthday (Ugh)

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, cards, and packages!(: You're all the best! Thank you for all the love and support you always give me(: Out here on the mission age is interesting; you have your real age and your mission age. Even though I am 20 and just as old or older than most of the sisters out here I am still only 4 months old and very very young. Haha! 

So last Monday was a fun day for me! I went to choir and Sister Baird was announcing the order of events and she said, "and then next we will practice 'Silent Night' and Sister Jenkins you have the solo." What?! So that's pretty exciting(: Now I'm trying to learn how to speak AND sing in Chinese ;) But it's quite the honor to be able to sing for the people of Taiwan! That night Sister Murri and I were sitting in a Family Mart waiting for a lesson and this man walked up to us and said (in English), "Oh, hey! You're Mormon! Can I talk to you about some questions I have?" So we invited him to sit down. Of course he started talking to us about polygamy (Why is everyone obsessed with that here?). Part way through he looked and me and said, "Spanish?!" and then proceeded to speak to me and Spanish. I told him I wasn't Mexican, but he couldn't let it go. "But your hair, it looks Spanish! Is your family Spanish? Yes, I know you come from America but where did the rest of your family come from? Do you have a Spanish name?" Haha! It was quite comical(: 
We had zone meeting Tuesday morning and everyone had to perform a little song or poem that talked about how the last month went. Sister Murri and I did the "cups" song from Pitch Perfect and I changed the words. I was pretty proud of it(: Elder Stewart and Wheeler did this hilarious rap, and this other Elder that I knew from the MTC did a rap in an Irish accent. Oh my goodness I love the missionaries in this mission! That night we met with Liu Tongxue and Sister Murri decided to act out a story from the Book of Mormon with him. She chose Alma 17 (My favorite story; the one where Ammon chops off all those Lamanites' arms!). So she told his grandma to be the king and he was Ammon and of course she made me be the Lamanites that lost their arms haha! It was seriously so fun and a great way to make Book of Mormon stories come to life(: He said that he could get baptized! (More about this later...)
Wednesday was such a great birthday(: I woke up and Sister Murri had placed a chocolate cake on my desk! I don't know how she bought it without me realizing it was for me, but she's a sneaky one ;) We met with a family we had found last week. His name is Allen and he can speak really good English because he spent 8 years in Australia! He even has an accent! It is so cool. Their child was watching Dora the Explorer, but she was speaking Chinese... it was so weird haha! That night we had English meeting, and the Elders decided to sing me happy birthday: "It's your birthday (ugh). Happy birthday (ugh). One step closer to the grave. Think of all the food we'll save. Happy birthday (ugh)." (Dad, for some reason this song made me think of you) I was laughing so hard!

Friday we had the trainer/trainee follow up meeting, so I got to see everyone from my generation! It was so good(: I've missed everyone so much! President Day gave an awesome training about missionary work and why it is so hard. "Did Christ, the perfect missionary, have every investigator convert to Him? Is there any wonder that we has imperfect missionaries don't have every investigator get baptized?" That's so true! Why should we have an easier time with this work than Christ did? Why do we think we are any better than the Savior? We just have to go out and do our best and help others come unto Christ!
Saturday night we met with Candy's parents (they have been fandui-ing big time) and all of a sudden they were signing the permission slip! Oh my gosh Candy is getting baptized! You don't even know how much I celebrated! I was so excited for her! So now we had two people scheduled to get baptized this Saturday. She said the closing prayer and it was so sweet and tender and the Spirit was so strong! Gah! It was so great! Oh, also, I showed her dad a picture of my family and he said, "Your dad looks like Obama!" hahaha what?! Hai hao. 
Alright so Sunday came around and Candy didn't come to church, so we have to push back her baptism one more week. So now we only had one baptism scheduled for this Saturday. After church the bishop called us and said, "So, Liu Tongxue is getting baptized this Saturday, right? I was just informed that his parents don't agree to that." We called him and he said, "Oh, yeah, they don't exactly agree." So we went from having two baptisms this Saturday to having possibly none. Gah these tongxue! We're going to try to meet with his parents so they can understand our purpose and that we aren't forcing him to get baptized; he truly wants to for himself. 
So yes. This is my life. People accept baptism and then don't follow through. But you know what, through it all I trust in God's timing. I know that the Lord's hand is in everything and that His work will go forth. I know that He is our loving Heavenly Father and that He wants what is best for us. He wants us to return to live in His presence. He knows each and every one of us individually. 
I love you all so much! Thank you all for writing and supporting me in my endeavors to bring souls unto Christ(: Keep the faith! Jiayou! 

                                                         Shopping at the Market in Taipei

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  1. Happy belated birthday. I enjoy reading about your mission. My husband and I are meeting with our bishop next month to get our mission paperwork started. Exciting times. God bless you and your effort to share the gospel.