Sunday, October 5, 2014


I'M IN TAIWAN!! Like, what?! What is life?! Haha! I have fallen in love with this place in the two days that I've been here. For reals, I am so excited to serve the people here! I'm so glad I got to hear your voices Mom, Dad, and Mel(: You all sound like you're doing really well! The twelve hour flight to Tokyo went really quickly. I got to sit next to Wheeler and Jensen. Jensen and I had some really good deep, doctrinal conversations. I absolutely adore both of them. So we arrived in Tokyo and met up with the rest of the missionaries! There were several missionaries who barely made the plane, but luckily they did! On the plane to Taiwan I sat next to Jensen again. He turned to a lady next to him and started speaking Zhongwen and teaching her the gospel! He even gave her a Book of Mormon! He inspired me, so I tried speaking to the lady on the other side of me. Haha yeah... she gave up trying to talk to me because I didn't understand. Oops. It was worth a shot. We arrived in Taiwan at 9 o'clock Saturday night Taiwan time and met our mission president and his wife. Oh my goodness I adore them! They are so great! So during our crazy travels I got maybe 45 minutes of sleep. We got to the mission home (which is right across the street from the temple) and I just crashed. 
Yesterday morning we got up and went to a Mandarin ward. I didn't understand anything! Mom, I'm so much like you. I've been laughing so much these past couple of days because I'm nervous and have no idea what's going on haha!  But anyways, I got to interview with President Day and tell him all about myself and yeah. We all ate lunch together. It is seriously so good to see everyone! I love being here! Then we went out proselyting! We went to a park with our companions (mine is Sister Griffin, she's adorable) and talked to people! Oh! A funny story about Sister Griffin. She had a dream that it was 6:30 and time to get up, so in real life she got out of bed and got in the shower. She said that she got out and realized that it was only 2 in the morning! Haha! This time thing is crazy. Anyways, Sister Griffin and I were able to give out a Book of Mormon, but a lot of people were rejecting us haha. I've realized it's much easier getting rejected in a language I don't know because I don't realize what's going on ;)  So the Sister Training Leaders came up to us and said they wanted to go on splits. So I went with Sister Bang and we talked to this lady and this little boy. Suddenly I was put on the spot and Sister Bang invited me to pray! So I quickly said a prayer in my head that the Lord would help me speak Zhongwen and went for it! It was awesome (: It was seriously so much fun! My language skills are horrendous, but I know they're going to get better! We had dinner and then a fireside, where I saw Colter Stewart! He sang a solo. I talked to him for a little, and that was weird haha. But during the fireside all of us new missionaries kept falling asleep haha! It was horrendous. Luckily we all got to go to bed after that. 
This morning I got up at 2:30 and couldn't sleep for the life of me. Ugh. So I'm kind of tired haha. But this morning at 6:30 all thirty of us met outside and went for a run to the Shanghai Shack. Oh my goodness that was so cool! We're all just running through the city saying "zao an!" (Good morning!) to everyone we saw. At the Shanghai Shack there were all these little old ladies doing taiqi. It was adorable. I just wanted to join in. They made me think of honey haha! So that was super neat. We had breakfast and now we're just doing a bunch of stuff like emailing and getting money and all that fun stuff. Tomorrow I meet my trainer and we go to our area! Ah! Oh, and the weather has been incredible! It's humid and stuff but it's nice and cool. I love the month of October. I cannot tell you how excited I am to be here! The Lord is blessing me immensely! I have already fallen in love with the people! I feel like the language is going to be tough, yes, but I know that through God's help I can do it! 
I know without a doubt that this church is true. I know that God lives and loves ALL His children. I know that He blesses us all the time. I am so incredibly happy because of the gospel of Jesus Christ!
I love you all so much!(: 


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