Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Missionaries Aren't Exempt From Life

What a great week and a half this has been!(: Last Monday we went down to Lao Jie (Old Street) and did some shopping. They give out free samples, so Sister Murri and I just went store to store eating all the moon cakes. Mmm those are so good! I felt like I was in San Francisco(: I loved it. So every morning we jog to this little park, and there are always these little old Taiwanese ladies. They have started saying to us, "One more! Two more!" in English. Haha! It's so great. Whenever I run past them I shout out to them, "One more! Two more!" They get a kick out of that(: They kind of remind me of Honey! 
Last Wednesday we had a Halloween party in English class. We did bobbing for apples, and that was so funny! I don't think any of them have done it before because they kept forgetting to breath! They would start choking on the water! Haha! So my district leader, Elder Miller, went and he did it in three seconds. They made me go, so I beat him and did it in 2! Heck yeah ;) Then we carved pumpkins. One of our students, Eisin, decided to use me as a model... but the pumpkin looked like it had four eyes and no mouth. Haha! 
Exciting news: Sister Murri and I have been asked to be a part of the missionary Christmas Choir! Ahh!(: I love it! Only the Taipei zones (West, East, and Central) are allowed to participate. There are about 30 of us! I was so honored(: But this means that I don't get a P-day for the next two months... haha! Don't worry, I still have time to email, just not do touristy stuff and such. I love it though! We've practiced twice so far. I auditioned for a solo and goodness that was horrendous! Oh yeah, I'm singing soprano. That's weird. But anyways I decided to audition for a quartet as an alto and that went MUCH better. It is so fun! I love it(: All the missionaries in the generation behind me are delayed because of visa issues! Gah. But Sister Meyers (she was in the MTC with me) was able to get hers and she's also in the choir(: So I get to see her once a week. That's nice!
We visited this member, Wu Xiao Dai, and she is so great! Her English is really good. So I would try and speak Chinese and forget how to say something so I would turn to my companion and say, "How do you say..." and then I would say it to Wu Xiao Dai. But she would tell me in English, " You know I can understand you..." Haha! She was so great. The members here are so great. I love it!
Xu Yu Wei got baptized on Saturday! Yeah! (: That was awesome. The font is pretty much a bunch of PVC pipes and a tarp haha! When we were filling it up we saw a bunch of things in the water. Sister Murri said, "There's a lot of floaties in it... sorry Xu Yu Wei." haha! Gosh I adore her(: On Sunday we were supposed to have a lesson, but we got stood up. So our peike, Chen Mei Hui, was like, "Oh I know some people that we can talk to! Follow me!" So we hopped on our bikes and tried to keep up with her as she sped off on her scooter haha! I was laughing the whole time! It was so comical to me! She kept getting lost, so we went in several circles for about an hour and a half! There was one point where we were trying to follow her up hill while the wind was against us and I was trying to keep my skirt from flying up! Haha! Oh my goodness I was having so much fun(: I love biking! 
Ok I have a new favorite investigator. His name is Li Tong Xue (Tong Xue just means student). We were out finding one night a couple weeks ago and we ran into this kid. We taught him a little bit and set up to meet with him again. The whole time he acted super uninterested and kept looking around like he wanted to leave, so I didn't really think he would meet with us. But when we met with him he just took everything in! He took a Book of Mormon and committed to read it! And he came to all three hours of church on Sunday! We called him the other night to see if we could still meet with him Saturday and he said, "Sorry, I don't think so. I'm meeting with the Young Men to play basketball at the new chapel." Oh my gosh he's so great! He accepted baptism... but he thinks that his parents will fandui (protest). But he's so wonderful(:
Yang Zhi Ming is so so great. She keeps coming to church and stuff and we keep meeting with her. Last night the peike, Lin Wen Qi, was talking about basketball in English and I asked him, "How do you say that?" and he looked at me and said, "BA-SKET-BALL." Haha gosh darn. Our two other tong xues have family fandui... but they are still meeting with us and they are so great!
So I was thinking to myself this week about how the Lord has told us if we ask for something with a righteous cause it will be given to us. So how come missionaries don't just baptize everyone they meet? How come we aren't just lead to the prepared people? It's because missionaries aren't exempt from life. We still have to go through trials. We still have to grow ourselves. If everything was given to us we wouldn't remember that we rely on God for everything. We need trials in order to grow. We need bad times in order to truly feel joy over the good times.
Someone thought I was Russian this week. That's a new one.
Yeah, so I love this work. I love this place. I love the people. I love my Heavenly Father for giving me this experience! I am so happy. Life is so good(: I testify that the gospel brings people happiness. I know that we can find peace when we follow God's commandments.
I love you all(: The church is true! Jiayou!


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