Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Livin' the Taiwan Life

Oh my goodness I LOVE Taiwan! I have been so blessed to be placed in such an incredible area to serve the Lord! Monday we went to the beach! Gah I love the beach! It was so much fun, our whole district went! We built sandcastles and took pictures and stuff. Everyone had to leave to get back to their areas except for me and Sister Murri. We watched the sunset(:

So there's an interesting tradition here in Taiwan. When people get married they come and take their wedding pictures on the beach. But they don't wear wedding clothes. The women wear these colorful prom looking dresses, and often times the men wear jeans and a plaid t-shirt. So there were so many people out on the beach taking pictures! Some would even go into the water and ruin their dresses! I felt like everyone was going to prom! Haha!

Tuesday I went on exchanges with Sister Smedley, the Sister Training Leader. (Exchanges mean that I spend 24 hours with one of the sister training leaders and my companion goes with the other one). So we had the opportunity of going to Taipei to do temple tours! We take people around the chapel and show them pictures and just teach them lessons and stuff(: So we had to go out and do some finding so we could take people on tours. We found this one lady, He Xiao Jie, and she was so awesome! At first she didn't seem interested in talking to us at all, but then she kept asking us all these questions and we were able to talk to her for quite some time about the gospel! We even gave her a Book of Mormon!(: So that was awesome. Oh, and on accident while I was talking to her I mixed up the word for children with the word for son. So I ended up telling her, "We are all God's sons." Haha! We were able to give several tours to members. One member was a recently returned missionary from the Taichung mission. She was so awesome. She had this incredible spirit about her. You could tell that she really loved the gospel. I hope that I return home with that same amazing spirit.
We had specialized training in Taipei with the mission president. It was so good! We just talked about the basics. My new favorite chapter in the Book of Mormon is 2 Nephi 31. I encourage all of you to go and read it! It talks about Christ's gospel. I love it! My mission president is the best. I had a little interview with him and I talked to him about some struggles I was having with myself. And this is why he is my favorite: He turned to me and said, "So, you did a lot of theatre in high school, right? Were you able to learn all your lines in one day? Could a production be put on in a week? Did you have rehearsals? Well, all the world's a stage." Yes! That was so awesome. It's so true; I can't learn everything at once. I need to have patience and take everything a day at a time! The Lord is just expecting me to try my best, not be perfect. 
Friday we found this man, Wu Xian Sheng, that is just so prepared! Oh my goodness he took the Book of Mormon and is so eager to meet with us again! I love it! And then we found another man on the street and I was just laughing the whole time. He said some pretty funny things to us: "You two are so skinny! Most Americans are fat. Not fat! Wiiiiide." And then he turned to me and said, "Your eyes look Spanish." Even Taiwanese people think I look Mexican! Haha! And then in Chinese he said to my companion, "Does your church have polygamy? That sounds pretty good to me!" Haha! Oh my goodness. (For the record, NO. WE DON'T). 
Sunday was so awesome. I love Sundays. The bishop called me up to bear my testimony... and that was scary haha! But the members are all so nice to me(: They are also so funny. This one member randomly called Sister Murri one day and just blurted out in English, "Hey sisters, do you want a pumpkin-lantern?" We were like, what the heck is that? We finally figured out he meant Jack-O-Lantern for our English party this coming Wednesday. Haha! There was a baptismal service after church and some kids went up to sing a song and I was so touched by the Spirit! The power of music is so strong no matter what language you are speaking! 
Some of my investigators: Liu Tong Xue: He's this sweet 14 year old that is so ready to get baptized. But for some reason every time I try talking to him he just goes, "Huh?" I think he's too focused on the fact that I am this white girl trying to speak Chinese haha! Yang Zhi Ming: She wants to get baptized so badly, but her parents are against it. She comes to church and keeps all the commitments. She is super sweet. I absolutely adore her. Lin Jiating: This is a family that we were finally able to meet with and they accepted baptism! They have two kids, Kitty and Andy are their English names. But they haven't been coming to church, so that's rough. 
Oh and here's another funny story. This recent convert, Angel, called us, but Sister Murri was busy so I had to answer the phone. The whole time we were just laughing because we couldn't understand each other haha! Then she came with us to teach Lin Jiating. I couldn't understand what they were talking about so I turned to her. She kind of mimed that we were talking about the part in the Book of Mormon where they were building the boat, so I mimed swimming just to make sure. She just laughed at me haha! And then when we said bye to her we did the "hang loose" sign and she was like, "Oh, does that mean Choose the Right?" Haha! Sister Murri and I are going to make that a thing here in Taiwan ;)
So anyways, I am loving my time here! The Lord is so great and so good to me! I love my trainer. She always leaves me random notes and writes on my mirror words of encouragement(: Alright, so I have a little more than a year left. My challenge to you all is to read the Book of Mormon before I get home. Reading this book will bring you closer to Christ. You will feel the influence of the Spirit and have a stronger relationship with God. I know that The Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know that it is true. I love that I have the opportunity everyday to read this book! I love that I have the opportunity to share its goodness with everyone here!
I love you all(: Keep the faith! Jiayou!(:

             More pictures taken at the beach!!! 


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