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Could You Please Repeat That?

Oh my goodness, my first week in Taiwan and I am LOVING it! I thank the Lord everyday for the opportunity to serve here! Monday night all of our trainers showed up and they "babysat" us. This means that they took us out on the streets for two hours and we shared the gospel with everyone we talked to! I was with Sister Smith. She was way awesome. But the Lord was helping me so much! My trainer would start talking to them, "sjkdfdsjflsjlsjlksjfls" and then she would say, "my companion is going to pray for you." I was like, "Oh! Ok..." haha! But it was so cool! Then they would say a prayer. For some of them it was their first prayer ever! It's such a neat experience to help people be able to talk to their Heavenly Father in prayer for the first time!  Tuesday morning we had the transfer meeting. He made us come up one by one and introduce ourselves in Chinese and then he would tell us who our trainer was. It was super exciting. My trainer is Sister Murri and I adore her!
 She's been on the island for about 6 months and her Chinese is incredible. She's from Texas and she went to BYU for a semester. She's super sweet and just so great! I am in the beautiful city of DanShui. It is on the North coast. Today is Sister Murri's birthday so we're going to the ocean!(: Anyways Tuesday she took me back to our apartment and we did some planning. Then I had to ride my bike for the first time. Haha! Let me tell you, I have become an expert at riding my bike with one hand while holding down my skirt with the other ;) I love biking! Here in Taiwan, the pedestrians yield to cars, not the other way around. So I pray everyday that I won't get hit haha! But anyways, my bike wasn't here so I had to use the bike that was left here from the last missionary. But she took her helmet with her! So I had to "borrow" a random helmet from the parking garage... haha! We were biking down a hill and the strap came undone and I seriously though the helmet was going to fly off. I had to keep my head down so that it wouldn't! Haha! 

Wednesday morning we had zone training. Wheeler is in my zone! (His trainer is Colter Stewart! Small world!) That night I taught my first lesson and halfway through saying the first vision I forgot everything and just stopped talking. Ugh. The member who was present was super sweet and just picked up where I left off. I pitied myself for about a minute and then realized that the spirit was still there. It doesn't matter if my Chinese is perfect! The Lord will get His message across! That was an important lesson for me. Thursday it rained. A LOT. There was a point where it had stopped raining for a while so we decided not to wear our ponchos. But that was a bad idea because halfway through it started pouring so we were soaked! Haha! I am constantly laughing. During a lesson someone made a comment about my laugh (I think?) and my trainer said, "Yeah, we will be riding our bikes and I just hear her behind me going, 'ha ha ha!'" I just love being here!
Friday while we were out knocking on some doors and I rang door bell and a lady came over the intercom: "JKAIDNIFNVEINAN!!!" My trainer told me that she said, "Go away I'm sleeping!" The benefits of not understanding is that I don't know when people are mad at me ;) haha! Taiwanese like to take naps between 1 and 3 in the afternoon... interesting. Oh! They also keep their trash in their freezers because of bugs. SO MANY BUGS. Ugh. I had to kill a cockroach the other day. It was nasty. I'm also being eaten alive by mosquitos! Haha!
We got to watch General Conference this weekend. It was so good! We watched it in our church building, which is this rented building. We're getting a new chapel in a couple of weeks!(: How exciting! All the members are first generation members, meaning they are all converts. It is so incredible to see their faith and enthusiasm. They're all so sweet to me. They start talking to me and realize that I ting bu dong (hear but don't understand) so they will try to switch to English for me. Haha! I ask people to repeat things a lot... and usually I still don't understand. So I just stand there and smile and nod(: haha!
My trainer made me make phone calls starting from day one. Typically it goes like this: "Hello! This is Sister Jenkins. Can we meet with you this Friday?" "ajdklfajsfmnisenfi." "Oh... wait a minute" and then I hand the phone to my trainer haha! I've gotten better though ;)

But anyways, General Conference. Elder Bednar's talk was incredible! For reals, everyone go and watch that. If you've ever wondered why members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints love to share the gospel, Elder Bednar talks all about it! We love the gospel and we want everyone to receive the help that comes from the gospel of Christ.
I have tried so many things! The food here is so good! My favorite so far is zhuabing, which is this pancake thing with eggs and soy sauce and stuff. I really can't describe it. But hao chi! (good eat, or yummy).  Oh, also their trash trucks play songs. I think I almost have it memorized haha! Every night is like a giant block party when the trucks come around.
Anyways, I am LOVING it here! I love the people. I love the culture. I love the language (even though I'm so awkward when I speak haha!) I know that my Redeemer lives! I know that God loves all of His children! I know that Christ's Restored church is on the earth today!
I love you all so much! You're support means so much to me(: Jiayou!

Angela and her daughter Claire
One last story I forgot to share:
Every Wednesday night we hold an English class! (: That is fun haha. Oh! Here's an awesome story. I was sitting in a lesson with Dora (I don't know her Chinese name) and I ting bu dong everything. But the spirit prompted me to share my testimony about how the Book of Mormon can help her. So I did and she asked me to give an example. I was able to share a scripture and an experience with her. I later found out that they had been talking about how the Book of Mormon can help her and she wasn't quite understanding how. At that moment I had interjected with my testimony. The Spirit works in powerful ways! It's so incredible! D&C 85:85 says, "Neither take ya thought beforehand what ye shall say; but treasure up in your minds continually the words of life, and ti shall be given you in the very hour that portion that shell be meted unto every man." I know this is true. I know that the Lord always provides a way! Gah this work is incredible! 
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