Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sugar Rush and Spooks 
Another week gone by! Seriously, the weeks have been going by so quickly! I have fallen in love with this area! The day I leave will be bittersweet, but aren't all good byes that way? This week was really fun for me, except for the cold. Gosh darn I forgot how cold Utah gets. It's not even that bad but still. 
We taught Bailey a couple times this week. She's seriously the perfect investigator. Her faith is incredible. Her mom even came to one of our lessons! So that was good. During our lesson on Sunday her aunt said to me, "don't go to Taiwan. We love having you here." Gah that broke my heart. I've started to say bye to my investigators and the members because I don't know when I'm going to be leaving!
Teala's baptism was on Saturday!(: oh my goodness, nothing went according to plan haha! First, they spelt her name wrong in the program. Then the two elders who were supposed to give the talks ran late, so Sister Whitfield and I gave an impromptu talk on baptism and Sister Calder did it on the Holy Ghost. And then Teala had to be immersed twice because her feet came up out of the water. And finally during the presentation that we sisters were supposed to give the elders got up and did it instead. But one of them is a greenie and he ended early, so Elder Walters was like, "umm... And it continues!" And just kept talking. Haha! But it went well otherwise(: Teala is very excited and happy to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!(:
We met with Cassiea, the less active member whose door said, "if you're not friends or family don't knock." We had a Family Home Evening planned, and then the Spirit directed it a different way. She started discussing her desire to go to church and that she really does love going. She talked about the importance of prayer in her life. And finally she got down to her real concern; she is worried that she will become and strong, active member of the church but her husband will never join. At this moment the Spirit prompted me to share my mom and dad's story. I told her that my mom was once in the same situation. She went back to church and my dad took the discussions for years! But he saw my moms example and he eventually was baptized. I felt the difference in my home that the gospel made. The gospel has blessed my life immensely. Heavenly Father blessed my family and I know He will do the same for Cassie's. The Spirit was so strong! God has given us experiences so that we can help other people! Cassie is an incredible woman; my heart goes out to her. She's going to try and get active in the church again! Gah! The gospel is so great!
We met with Jason several times this week. He's seriously my favorite. During one visit we started talking to him about his baptismal interview. He told me, "you know how pretty much every verse in the Book of Mormon starts with 'and it came to pass'? Well that's how I'm going to answer all my questions; 'well Sister Jenkins said...'" Haha! I hope I told him all the right answers ;) Sunday night we had another lesson with him, and I may or may not have been slightly hyper due to a sugar rush haha! But we talked to him a lot about going to the temple and how that's the next step. He was really excited about it! I'm so excited for him and his family to be able to be sealed in the temple for all time and eternity! I cannot stress enough how important it is that we all set the temple as our goal. 
Ok here are some of my random stories of the week: we had zone conference on Friday. It was really long but I learned quite a bit about how to become a better missionary. I got to see Jensen and Wheeler! It's always so comforting to see a familiar face. I started laughing and they called out my name and shushed me... Those brats. For those of you who thought my mission would make me quiet obviously that's not happening haha! 
Sister Whitfield left her phone in our senior couple's car and they weren't answering the door. So we tried unlocking the door through the window. It was a success!... Until the alarms went off haha! But we got the phone ;) 
Sunday night Jason and his wife were telling us some creepy stories, so the three of us went home kind of spooked. We turned off the lights and then we heard our bedroom door open and close. And then a light outside turned off so it got darker. And then lightning struck. At that moment both Sister Calder and I dove into Sister Whitfield's bed haha! Sister Calder turned on some hymns on the iPad, but then it randomly turned off so she was like, "yup, I'm sleeping with my nametag on!" Hahaha gosh I love these girls. We ended up pushing the beds together and slept like that hahaha. We found out that the window was open and that was causing the door to open and close, but we were all too freaked out to close it. So that was fun.

I love my companions so much. We played ping pong the night I had my sugar rush... So they don't give me sugar anymore hahaha. Our district leader called us while we were in the car so I answered. They thought that I was just being hyper and talking to myself! Haha! Oh dear me. Sister Calder reminds me so much of Jayne it's ridiculous. I love it. I am always laughing with these two(: 
The women's conference was so good! I really enjoyed President Uchtdorf's talk. Our Heavenly Father is constantly pouring out blessings upon us. He loves us so much! "Heavenly Father is not waiting to love you until you have overcome your weaknesses and bad habits. He loves you today." General conference is this weekend and I encourage all of you to listen! Our prophet and apostles and other general authorities will be speaking and giving us counsel(: it's a good chance to learn more about the church if you're curious! 
I love all of you! Thank you all for your support! You all mean so much to me!(:


This is for my sister Mel. Llamas in Utah.
The Look, "Why didn't you go to church?"
"It's just down the street."

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