Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Time in Utah

Nihao from Utah!(: I am loving it here! I cannot tell you how happy I am everyday and how blessed I am to serve in this beautiful place! On Friday morning I went to the travel office at 5:30 to prepare to leave for Ogden, Utah. My whole district saw me and Jensen off. Gosh, I miss them all so much already! It gives me comfort to know that I will see them again in a few short weeks! Elder Jensen, Sister Akita, and I boarded a train and two hours later we ended up in Ogden. We stepped off the Front Runner and OH MY GOSH it was freezing cold and windy! I was dying! Thankfully it has been hot this week, but I was worried for the first day that I would die here! I'm packed for tropical weather so oh dear! We went to the mission office and they told us, "well, you will be with us for a couple of weeks. So you will have a phone, here's your ipad, and you need to check Facebook everyday." Talk about a dream mission ;) 
 I met my two trainers/companions: Sister Whitfield and Sister Calder. I absolutely ADORE them! They are the missionaries I hope to become someday! Sister Calder kind of looks like Steph from certain angles. So they took me out to lunch (real food!) and then we began teaching. Our first investigator was this 9 year old boy named Sebastian. His baptism is this coming Saturday!(: I'm so excited for him! When we were doing weekly planning a member called us and said that her friend wants to get baptized! Wow! Miracles galore! Anyways, I felt super overwhelmed my first day but I absolutely loved being out in the field!
Saturday morning we had mission conference in Logan (Yes, Lolo, I thought of you because that's your name). So guess who spoke... ELDER JEFFREY R. HOLLAND!! Oh my gosh it was so cool to see him speak in person! I forgot my journal at home, but he said so many incredible things! One of my favorites was, "The best missionary is you. There is no mold." So I needed to hear that. He is so awesome. Gah I got here just in time(: After that we had a lesson with an 11 year old girl named Teala who wants to get baptized. She is so cute. Her mom is very against the church, but she spends most of her time with her aunt who is inactive. Teala is so enthusiastic and excited! So we eat dinner with a member EVERY NIGHT. Home cooked meals mmm... #fatfatfat haha! 
Sunday was really good. I went to 7 hours of church! We had a meeting at nine with one ward, and then we drove to another ward for Sacrament meeting. I bore my testimony and I started by speaking in Zhongwen. So that was fun to freak everyone out ;). Then we drove to another building for another ward and I bore my testimony again and freaked more people out. Yes, different buildings for different wards. Churches in Utah are like Starbucks in California: they're on every street corner. After church we had an appointment with the girl who called us on Friday. Her name is Brooke and she is incredible! The Spirit was so strong in this lesson. Her parents are also against the church but they said that she can make her own decisions. She didn't have the nerve to ask her parents if she could take the discussions until now. I was teaching about the Restoration, but I had to stop because I didn't remember how to say Joseph Smith's first vision in English (How awkward is that? I don't know my first language!). After Sister Whitfield said the first vision she asked Brooke how she felt. Brooke said, "It just clicked. It all makes sense." I started crying. This young 16 year old girl has such a strong testimony and so much faith. I was crying as I bore my testimony, and I extended the invitation to her to be baptized, and she said yes! We were all crying by the end of the lesson. It was absolutely incredible. If the only reason I was sent here was to meet Brooke that's ok with me!
Yesterday morning was spent studying the scriptures and training me (I'm a greenie now... ugh). We went looking for more people to teach and found this super sweet lady named Tracy. She has so many questions for us and we are meeting her again this week. We had another lessons with Sebastian. We taught him some more commandments and such. After the lesson was over his dad was just asking him about his bug collection. Sebastian said, "oh... yeah I found out that they were a boy and a girl. Do you know what happens when a boy and a girl get together?" His dad had that "oh dear" face and said, "They... eat each other?" Sebastian then exclaimed, "Yeah! One of the them completely decapitated the other!" Oh my goodness I died. It was so funny! So here is my favorite story of the week: We went to the Brignones' for FHE. They were talking to us about all the non-members and such that lived on their street. Sister Brignone said, "I feel so bad for my neighbor. She's this sweet little old lady who doesn't know any English because she's from China." OH MY GOSH. So I explained that I know Chinese (and started crying again) and she's going to try and get me to talk to her! Miracles! I'm telling you! The Lord is blessing me!
After that I went out with Sister Calder to try and talk to people that were in our area book. We knocked on a door and this guy came out. We told him we were missionaries... and he proceeded to tell us why we are wrong and why our religion doesn't make sense. It was super upsetting. He was just trying to argue with us and wouldn't hear us out at all. So we left. That's ok though because we got lost and knocked on a wrong door and we now have an appointment with someone else(:
Today is my P-day, so we went and played soccer. It was us three sisters and about 40 elders. Oh man. I kicked the ball maybe twice haha! But it was indoors and they played MUSIC. Oh yeah, they are allowed to listen to whatever music they want to here as long as they feel like it invites the Spirit. Also in the morning I do workouts from DVDs and such. This morning I learned how to Cha Cha and Jive haha! It's awesome. For reals. Dream mission. Who woulda thought?! I saw Jin Zhonglao (Jensen) and we talked in pure Zhongwen for about 20 minutes. It was awesome! I feel the Lord blessing me and helping me remember Zhongwen! He's already taught two lessons in Zhongwen. Gosh good for him!
I love it here. I love the people. I love the area. I love my mission! I love you all so much!(: God lives! God loves all of you and He blesses us everyday!
I'm a Facebook missionary now, so if anyone has any questions feel free to message me!(: 

Wo Ai Ni!
P.S. If anyone feels so inclined to send me mints feel free to ;)
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