Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Good Ol' Utah

你好!(: hello! This week went by so quickly! In the week and a half
that I've been here I have fallen in love with this place! Don't
worry, I still want to get to Taiwan, but I thank 神 God every day that
he has given me this opportunity to be here! It has been such a

 So this week Sister Whitfield put in a Sara Bareilles CD and I was in
heaven. I absolutely love my companions. I learned a very important
lesson from Sister Whitfield this week. We went to a house that said
"if you aren't friends or family do not even think about knocking on
this door." I was ready to walk away but Sister Whitfield turned to me
and said, "don't fear man." We knocked on the door and this sweet
mother with three young children came and talked to us for like 20
minutes. She then said that earlier that we she had gotten an
impression that she needed to go back to church so it was crazy that
we had shown up at her door. DON'T FEAR MAN. God's
hand is in everything! Trust in Him to guide you! That was something I needed to learn!

Jason is probably my favorite investigator. He has gone through about
12 sets of missionaries and we are the first ones he has committed to
be baptized! He has been going to church for about 15 years. The thing
that has been holding him back is that he likes his alcohol. But this
week he has decided to give it up! And he is so prepared to get
baptized and has a date set! Oh my goodness it's incredible! When we
told him Joseph Smith's account he said, "that is the first time that
I have thought of it as an actual event and not just a story." My
testimony that Joseph Smith truly did see Heavenly Father and Jesus
Christ has grown so much! I know for a fact that that is a true event
and not just a story! The Spirit has testified of that to me on
multiple occasions!
So Thursday morning was nice because I got to talk to that Chinese
lady! Yeah... So my 中文 Zhongwen is not that good because she started
laughing at me halfway through it haha! But there's a chance I might
get to talk to her again(: also I met Buford the cow. He's this cow
that came running up to me (he was inside a fence) so I decided to get
a selfie with him. He's my friend now. The family told me that they're
going to slaughter him soon... Why would you name a cow and slaughter
it?! Also, everyone in Utah either has a cow, a horse, a llama, a
goat, or chickens. And EVERYONE has a dog. So plenty of animals around
it! There was one house where the boy kept coming back with a new
animal to show us: "this is my pet snake." Gross. "And this is my
tarantula!" Sister Calder and Sister Whitfield were pretty much
running down the stairs at this point haha!
I love my zone and district here. Saturday morning we woke up at 5:30 (ugh) to play some sports. We played something called speedball and
then did indoor soccer, which was a bad idea because I got hit in the
face several times haha! I didn't cry though ;)

Saturday was super awesome. Sebastian got baptized! The Spirit was so strong and I was
crying and yeah. I'm so proud of him(: and then we got to go to the
cultural event for the Ogden Temple re dedication. There were 8,000
youth in the building for it! Wow! And I got to my seat and sat Jensen
and Wheeler! Wheeler wasn't supposed to come for another week so it
was so good to see him! Even cooler though: PRESIDENT MONSON WAS
THERE! Along with Elder Holland and Elder Bednar. Oh my goodness so
cool(: the celebration was so neat and I got to be on TV! Yay(: at one
point all the youth were holding up a banner that said "you can't get
anywhere without going to Ogden" and Jensen turned around and looked
at me and said, "you can't even get to Taiwan without going to Ogden
first!" Haha!
Sunday we got to go to the stake center to watch the re dedication.
Gosh I absolutely love temples. I love that I can be with my family
forever. I love the sacredness of the temple. I love that God has a
plan of happiness for us so that we can return to live with Him!
I spent so much time laughing this week. I love my companions. They
are so great. I love my mission. I love Utah. I love the people here.
I love the opportunity that Heavenly Father has given us to learn and
grow. It looks like I should be in Taiwan with the next 2 weeks! Crazy
stuff! I love you all so much! You're in my thoughts and prayers!(:
加油! Jiayou!(:


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