Monday, September 8, 2014

Another Mission Call?!

Nihao!(: So yeah... I'm not in Taiwan yet because my visa is delayed along with the other 31 missionaries going to Taipei. So we are all getting reassigned for a transfer (about 6 weeks) to the states! I'm actually super excited about this. It will be a neat experience, and I will get to have multiple missions within 18 months! I should find out by the end of this week where I'm going... so any guesses?(:
On Monday we had TRC skype again. On the way to the building Elder Jensen kept saying "huigai" to everyone who passed by, and some people even said it back! The funny part is that "huigai" is not hello, but actually "repent." Hahaha he's such a brat. But the skype was so good! We talked to a guy named Hong and he was in Taiwan! I have definitely noticed that my Zhongwen has improved immensely! The Lord is blessing me! Also, in my dream that night I said a prayer in Chinese and I understood everything! Wednesday my friend from BYU came into the MTC, Janae Hancock!(: She's so cute, and it was fun speaking Zhongwen in front of her and freaking her out haha.
Sister Janae Hancock
Thursday morning we all skipped gym so that we could pack and do laundry, because I was determined to leave Friday! Elder Mclaughlin came up to me and handed me a piece of paper that had a bunch of tally marks on it (about 250). He told me that in the past two weeks he has been keeping track of how many times he has heard me laugh. Oh my gosh. Hahaha I guess I'm just a happy person! So before dinner that night we were told that we were being sent stateside. Sister Strong and I were actually really excited, but all the Elders were pretty upset. So it's been kind of difficult to stay positive these past couple of days. That night we had another "party" and the Elders were all going crazy from being locked up here. We are all struggling to focus... so if anyone has any advice for me on how to keep my focus or how to endure to the end that would be great(:
Friday I was a trio for a day because Sister Lew got to go to Salt Lake. Sister Strong and I kept forgetting Sister Fisher was our companion, so we kept leaving her on accident... oops. We all made guesses about where we're going on our missions. I got a lot of California missions haha. Roseville here I come ;) That night Wu Laoshi came in and taught us for an hour! It was seriously so good to have our old teacher again. He understands us and knows our needs, so he can relate to us so much better. We had a giant discussion about God's will and timing and such. He kept asking us to share scriptures that we thought would help us. He told us, "You already have all the answers. Use your scriptures and allow God to guide you. God has a will and He does things in His timing. We just need to trust Him." It was such a great class and changed my whole perspective around. I think the Lord is trying to teach me patience, but it's hard to have patience when I just want answers now ;)
Saturday we all decided to walk into class with a positive attitude and it made all the difference. We enjoyed class and we learned a lot! At dinner my whole zone did the "cereal challenge." It's where you drain a whole tube of cereal before the MTC employees can refill it. So we did cocoa puffs and Cap'n Crunch. Some Elders had about 8 bowls... oh my goodness. When I found out we did it I threw my head back in celebration and bumped Elder Green who was carrying a bowl of cereal and he spilled some milk on my hair. Gross. Hahaha.

 Sunday was super good. We had Mission Conference instead of Relief Society and Priesthood. Someone said that when we are in the midst of affliction we have no where else to go but up! I like that; when we hit rock bottom the only way we can go is up. Sister Nally (The mission president's wife) told a story about a Mongolian sister going to Salt Lake for the MTC. She didn't know that she was supposed to switch flights when she reached Chicago, and she didn't know any English, so when she got to the airport she couldn't find anyone to help her. She said a prayer, and a minute later a man appeared and showed her his temple recommend and put her on the phone with someone who knew Mongolian (that was a miracle in itself). The best part of the story was that the man was upset he got delayed in Chicago because that never happened. But because he got delayed he was able to help this poor sister. A thought came into my mind that maybe I'm delayed because I need to help someone. I just don't know! This is God's work, not mine! 
Yesterday I gained a strong testimony that God answers our prayers and gives us person revelation. I walked into the meeting with a question: why does God feel the need to test us when we are doing what is right? One of the speakers said this: We are tested because it tests our character and reveals it. Also in Sacrament meeting Elder Wheeler got up and bore his testimony and he said, " sometimes trials are opportunities." These two answers just hit me so strongly. I know that God loves us and He hears us and will answer us if we are listening! Last night I watched a movie in Mandarin! I understood quite a bit of it, but it just made me laugh because in a couple weeks I will be completely immersed in a new culture and I feel like the only thing I know how to fluently say is "I need to use the bathroom." Haha! I have so much faith that the Lord is going to get me through this and He WILL help me!(:
Elders Robinson and Wheeler
Last night Sister Fisher, Sister Lew, and Sister Wawro sat in the stairwell until about 11:30 talking about the gospel (Sister Strong had already gone to bed). Sister Wawro has the most beautiful voice and she sang, "I Believe in Christ" and there was a lightning storm right behind her and the Spirit was seriously so strong! I love these girls so much! Sister Lew leaves for Australia today... I'm going to miss her but I am so grateful for the opportunity to build these relationships with these people!
I love this gospel. I love being out on my mission. I am loving my time here. I have learned so much and am STILL learning. I am so grateful for the atonement. 我知道我的救贖主活著. I know that my Redeemer lives. I love you all and I know God loves you! Keep the faith!(:

Wo Ai Ni!
Saying Good-bye to Sammi Lew

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