Monday, August 25, 2014

Getting Close to Taiwan!

Wow, this week went by really fast for me! On Monday night I got to do TRC again and this time it was over Skype. It was kind of funny because my companion and I were on two different computers so when she talked it was super delayed in my head phones. But it went really well and it was fun(: The Tuesday night devotional was super good. It was the Young Women's General President, Bonnie L. Oscarson. She talked about how all of her kids that served missions said it was so important to put 100% effort into your mission. The Lord has a way He wants things done, so I need to trust His will and His timing. Wednesday I got to host Lizzy Christensen (a girl from my ward at BYU going to Hong Kong) and I got to see Malia Kasteler! It is so good to have her here! So after hosting I walked back to my classroom and I saw Elder Jensen had a super upset face. He said, "I'm so upset. We all just got reassigned to California. There's a letter on our desk that's signed by President Day." Sister Fisher piped in and said, "Well, some of us got sent to New York, like me." My heart started racing and my hands got super clammy. I opened the letter, and it began with "Hello Sister Jenkins, we are so excited for you to come to Taiwan!" Gosh darn I'm so gullible. Hahaha. That night there was a huge lightning and thunder storm, so Sister Strong and I sat outside and watched some lightning for a while (I have come to realize that I am pretty freaked out by lightning and thunder, which probably isn't a good thing since I'm headed to Taiwan). 

Sister Malia Kasteler

Thursday Sister Strong and I tried to go on an English fast, but we gave up part way through the day haha. On Wednesday we had received some new missionaries going to Taiwan, so they think that Sister Strong and I are pros at Zhongwen (this is false). That night the Elders in our district decided that we deserved another party, so we ate some food and got fat. Yay. Hahaha but I love my district(: 
Friday was so great because WE GOT OUR TRAVEL PLANS!! I fly out on SEPTEMBER 5! That means that I will only be at the MTC for 8 weeks and a day! We fly straight from Salt Lake to the Tokyo Narita airport, and then from there I fly down to Taiwan! So I only have 10 days left! I don't feel prepared at all, but I think that's a good thing because now I will rely on the Lord and know that everything is possible through Him. But anyways, we got our plans and we celebrated at lunch with the 31 other missionaries going to Taiwan, but then right before class some sisters came and told us that our visas were delayed... so we would be stuck at the MTC for another week. At first no one believed it (except me) and my district kept saying "this is like the California thing, don't fall for it!" but then one of the boss's the oversees the teachers came and told us that he just got an email saying that our visas were delayed. So then everyone was depressed during class. But after class he came back and told us that our visas had just arrived and we were back on track! So to be honest, I don't know what to believe hahaha. I'm just going to keep trying to prepare to teach the people of Taiwan!(: I think that this happened for a reason because when we first got our travel plans I felt inadequate and unprepared. But when I learned I might be delayed, I realized how badly I wanted to get out to Taiwan to begin teaching! The Lord has called me and He will help me!

We got our travel plans

My sisters and I woke up really early Saturday morning because there was a huge thunderstorm! So... I should probably get over my fear now, right? That morning we walked to breakfast and we saw snow on the mountains! It's August! What's wrong with Utah?! On Sunday I sang in Sacrament meeting with Sister Strong and Elder Mclaughlin (the one who reminds me of Tyler) and Elder Weber played piano. It went really well! Elder Barnum was so sweet and said that he felt the spirit when I started singing. The Lord has given me so many talents that I can use to bring others unto Christ. I have a strong testimony of music and the ability it has to invite the Spirit. Oh, and my cousin, Elder Jenkins, said that I'm pretty much Mariah Carrey. hahahaha what a dork! In Relief Society Oscar McConkie told a story about when he was a Mission President. He said that he interviewed a young missionary who said, "I know I'm supposed to be here! My mom prayed me here!" Apparently his mom had prayed that he would be an instrument in bringing her brother back to church. He got called to San Jose, CA where the brother lived. On the fifth day of this Elder's mission, he talked to the bishop and discovered that there was one house that no one went to. The man had been innactive for years. The Elder instantly recognized it as his uncle and went there. He knocked on the door and the uncle opened it and the Elder said, "I am a representative of Jesus Christ. My mom prayed me here and I am here to bring you back to church." The uncle asked who his mom was, and then the uncle said, "that's my sister. I know you are supposed to be here to bring me home." It was such a touching story (and I probably butchered it) but Oscar McConkie went on to say that it is our job to have the faith to find these people and bring them home. The devotional last night was by Stephen B. Allen again. He told us that Satan knows how to push our buttons. He will try to slow down the work. As soon as he said this I started having thoughts like, "am I worthy? should I be here? Can I do this?" I know it's Satan, but it's very scary. He said that we need to forgive ourselves because Christ paid for our sins. After the devotional we watched another devotional by Jeffery R. Holland called, "Missions are Forever." He talked about exact obedience and we need to do everything the Lord's way because this is His work, not ours. 
So after the devotional we went back to the room and I felt that I needed a blessing. Sister Lew asked for one first, but right after her I asked Elder Wheeler to give me a comfort blessing. Let me tell you, I strongly believe in the power of the priesthood and the power of blessings. I am so grateful that every elder in my district is worthy to hold the priesthood so I could ask anyone of them to give me a blessing. The blessing was absolutely beautiful and everything I needed to hear. I know that the Lord wants to help us. I know that God loves every single one of us. I know that Christ paid for my sins and that through Him I can return to live with my Father in Heaven. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve God and to be a representative of Christ. A mission is hard, but it is so wonderful. I have learned so much about the gospel and about myself. I have learned about God's love. 
I love you all so much! Thank you for your love and support. It means so much to me(: 

Wo Ai Ni!

Jian Jie Mei

P.S. Also, I am obsessed with this song:
Sister Jex sang it weeks ago right before she left and Elder Barnum and Elder Butler sang it last week in church. It is absolutely gorgeous.

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