Monday, August 25, 2014

Getting Close to Taiwan!

Wow, this week went by really fast for me! On Monday night I got to do TRC again and this time it was over Skype. It was kind of funny because my companion and I were on two different computers so when she talked it was super delayed in my head phones. But it went really well and it was fun(: The Tuesday night devotional was super good. It was the Young Women's General President, Bonnie L. Oscarson. She talked about how all of her kids that served missions said it was so important to put 100% effort into your mission. The Lord has a way He wants things done, so I need to trust His will and His timing. Wednesday I got to host Lizzy Christensen (a girl from my ward at BYU going to Hong Kong) and I got to see Malia Kasteler! It is so good to have her here! So after hosting I walked back to my classroom and I saw Elder Jensen had a super upset face. He said, "I'm so upset. We all just got reassigned to California. There's a letter on our desk that's signed by President Day." Sister Fisher piped in and said, "Well, some of us got sent to New York, like me." My heart started racing and my hands got super clammy. I opened the letter, and it began with "Hello Sister Jenkins, we are so excited for you to come to Taiwan!" Gosh darn I'm so gullible. Hahaha. That night there was a huge lightning and thunder storm, so Sister Strong and I sat outside and watched some lightning for a while (I have come to realize that I am pretty freaked out by lightning and thunder, which probably isn't a good thing since I'm headed to Taiwan). 

Sister Malia Kasteler

Thursday Sister Strong and I tried to go on an English fast, but we gave up part way through the day haha. On Wednesday we had received some new missionaries going to Taiwan, so they think that Sister Strong and I are pros at Zhongwen (this is false). That night the Elders in our district decided that we deserved another party, so we ate some food and got fat. Yay. Hahaha but I love my district(: 
Friday was so great because WE GOT OUR TRAVEL PLANS!! I fly out on SEPTEMBER 5! That means that I will only be at the MTC for 8 weeks and a day! We fly straight from Salt Lake to the Tokyo Narita airport, and then from there I fly down to Taiwan! So I only have 10 days left! I don't feel prepared at all, but I think that's a good thing because now I will rely on the Lord and know that everything is possible through Him. But anyways, we got our plans and we celebrated at lunch with the 31 other missionaries going to Taiwan, but then right before class some sisters came and told us that our visas were delayed... so we would be stuck at the MTC for another week. At first no one believed it (except me) and my district kept saying "this is like the California thing, don't fall for it!" but then one of the boss's the oversees the teachers came and told us that he just got an email saying that our visas were delayed. So then everyone was depressed during class. But after class he came back and told us that our visas had just arrived and we were back on track! So to be honest, I don't know what to believe hahaha. I'm just going to keep trying to prepare to teach the people of Taiwan!(: I think that this happened for a reason because when we first got our travel plans I felt inadequate and unprepared. But when I learned I might be delayed, I realized how badly I wanted to get out to Taiwan to begin teaching! The Lord has called me and He will help me!

We got our travel plans

My sisters and I woke up really early Saturday morning because there was a huge thunderstorm! So... I should probably get over my fear now, right? That morning we walked to breakfast and we saw snow on the mountains! It's August! What's wrong with Utah?! On Sunday I sang in Sacrament meeting with Sister Strong and Elder Mclaughlin (the one who reminds me of Tyler) and Elder Weber played piano. It went really well! Elder Barnum was so sweet and said that he felt the spirit when I started singing. The Lord has given me so many talents that I can use to bring others unto Christ. I have a strong testimony of music and the ability it has to invite the Spirit. Oh, and my cousin, Elder Jenkins, said that I'm pretty much Mariah Carrey. hahahaha what a dork! In Relief Society Oscar McConkie told a story about when he was a Mission President. He said that he interviewed a young missionary who said, "I know I'm supposed to be here! My mom prayed me here!" Apparently his mom had prayed that he would be an instrument in bringing her brother back to church. He got called to San Jose, CA where the brother lived. On the fifth day of this Elder's mission, he talked to the bishop and discovered that there was one house that no one went to. The man had been innactive for years. The Elder instantly recognized it as his uncle and went there. He knocked on the door and the uncle opened it and the Elder said, "I am a representative of Jesus Christ. My mom prayed me here and I am here to bring you back to church." The uncle asked who his mom was, and then the uncle said, "that's my sister. I know you are supposed to be here to bring me home." It was such a touching story (and I probably butchered it) but Oscar McConkie went on to say that it is our job to have the faith to find these people and bring them home. The devotional last night was by Stephen B. Allen again. He told us that Satan knows how to push our buttons. He will try to slow down the work. As soon as he said this I started having thoughts like, "am I worthy? should I be here? Can I do this?" I know it's Satan, but it's very scary. He said that we need to forgive ourselves because Christ paid for our sins. After the devotional we watched another devotional by Jeffery R. Holland called, "Missions are Forever." He talked about exact obedience and we need to do everything the Lord's way because this is His work, not ours. 
So after the devotional we went back to the room and I felt that I needed a blessing. Sister Lew asked for one first, but right after her I asked Elder Wheeler to give me a comfort blessing. Let me tell you, I strongly believe in the power of the priesthood and the power of blessings. I am so grateful that every elder in my district is worthy to hold the priesthood so I could ask anyone of them to give me a blessing. The blessing was absolutely beautiful and everything I needed to hear. I know that the Lord wants to help us. I know that God loves every single one of us. I know that Christ paid for my sins and that through Him I can return to live with my Father in Heaven. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve God and to be a representative of Christ. A mission is hard, but it is so wonderful. I have learned so much about the gospel and about myself. I have learned about God's love. 
I love you all so much! Thank you for your love and support. It means so much to me(: 

Wo Ai Ni!

Jian Jie Mei

P.S. Also, I am obsessed with this song:
Sister Jex sang it weeks ago right before she left and Elder Barnum and Elder Butler sang it last week in church. It is absolutely gorgeous.

My District


My Sisters


New sisters who are also going to Taiwan


Monday, August 18, 2014

The Lord Answers Prayers

To start off, my favorite scripture ever is Ether 12:27: "And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them." I feel like this scripture really applies to this week.
I spent most of my day last Monday in bed because I felt so horrible from being sick. That night I had to say good bye to District D who were going to Taichung, and I just got super sad and down on myself. I started to struggle and question whether I could really do this whole mission thing. But thank goodness for my sisters, I love them so much. They all instantly started to comfort me and share all these incredible scriptures with me. Sister Murdock (From the Taichung mission) shared Jerimiah 1:4-9 with me. It basically says that the Lord knows me and will put words into my mouth to help His children. It was super comforting. I'm so grateful for the sisters in my district; Sister Strong, Sister Lew, and Sister Fisher. They are all so uplifting and loving.

Tuesday was so long. I didn't sleep the night before and I just felt sick. Wu Laoshi even let me fall asleep in class (I must have looked really bad!). I love my district though. Elder Wheeler gave me a note that said, "there are like 5 studs and me in the room willing to help you if you need anything." The Lord has given me so many wonderful people who all care about it, it's so wonderful. Elder Elliot told us that when he was teaching a gold tag investigator (investigators that walk around the MTC just waiting to be taught by us missionaries) he forgot how to pray in English! That's incredible. I hope I get to that point some day! Elder Jensen cracks me up. We were looking at the bricks in our classroom and he said, "Would you take the ocean over these bricks?! I think not!" Haha! We're still going crazy from being here. District D's flight got delayed, so they ended up going to the airport and then coming back to the MTC. So that sucked for them, but I'm glad I got to say bye to them one more time. 
Wednesday was probably the worst day I've had here at the MTC, but it was one of the biggest lessons I have learned so far. I felt horrible and I was grumpy all day. I just wanted me time. I was tired of doing the same thing every day and I felt like I was getting no where. Tan Laoshi told us that if we don't know tones then we don't know Zhongwen. Which meant that I didn't know anything. So I had to start relearning everything that I've learned but with the correct tones. it was super frustrating. That night I had a giant meltdown and I started ranted about everything I was unhappy about. My sisters even filmed me (I'm glad I provided some entertainment for them!) It was bad. The next day was when I learned my lesson. Thursday was a much better day. In our lesson with Zhong Wong Quan I was speaking super slow and choppy because I was trying to focus on my tones. It was super ridiculous and I would forget what I was trying to say by the middle of my sentence. But, despite it all, he accepted baptism! Here is the lesson I've learned this week: NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT ME. Whoa, weird right? I was so focused on myself the whole week that I forgot my purpose; to bring others unto Christ. Even though I am inadequate and I don't know the language and my lesson was super choppy my investigator still accepted my invitation to be baptized. You know why? Because it's the Spirit that converts people, not me. I am merely a tool in the Lord's hands. Even though I want time for myself I need to remember that I am on the Lord's errand and this is His time. When I forget myself and think about the welfare of others only then can I truly be happy. Boy, talk about being humbled! I had been praying for humility, and the Lord answered my prayers in the form of sickness. Had I not gotten sick I probably wouldn't have learned this very important lesson. Trials are blessings in disguise. I truly believe that God answers prayers. Also, Mel you sent me a DearElder and I got it on Thursday. The best part was that I had been praying to get a DearElder or letter from my family that day and I got one! God knows what we need and He does help us!
Friday night I had a dream and one word was in Zhongwen! Not a full Zhongwen dream, but I'm getting there! In class with Wu Laoshi we watched a video about a family's conversion and then how they all went to the temple a year later to be sealed. It reminded me of the opportunity I had to be sealed to my own family. I am so grateful that families are forever and that this Gospel blesses families. As a district we all read 1 Nephi 21 (Isaiah 49). It talks a lot about missionary work and it was super awesome and spiritual. Verse 16 says, "Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; they walls are continually before me." Our Savior, Jesus Christ, suffered for us and our sins. He "graved us" upon His hands. He knows what we are going through and how we are feeling. We can turn to Him all the time for comfort and help. Just like Christ has engraven us on His hands, we need to engrave everyone we meet on our own. We need to think of others and how we can help them. Elder Wheeler constantly tells us that this Gospel teaches a message of hope. It's so true. There is so much to hope for us and through Jesus Christ everything is possible! Wu Laoshi gave some awesome insight: "The greatest act of faith is to accept God's time." God answers prayers, just not necessarily how or when we want Him to. He will answer them, but we need to have the faith to wait. He knows what's best for us.
Saturday we all got our Chinese name tags! So exciting! Our departure is coming so soon it's crazy! After class Elder Perkins and Elder Wheeler though it would be a good idea to try and break a pen. So they did, and ink went everywhere! It went all over Elder Heaps who was watching. It was so funny. Oh, and my sisters and I decided what our them scripture is: Isaiah 55:2. It says, "and let your soul delight itself in fatness." Haha! We're all getting fat here. It sucks. Sunday was good. Cheryl A. Esplin talked to us about how this era ranks with the most significant and important events that have happened in church history! Wow! In Sacrament meeting Sister Woodfield (my branch president's wife) sat next to me and I had to translate all the talks for her! I was impressed with how much Zhongwen I know! The devotional last night was incredible. It was Jenny Oaks Baker. I guess she writes a lot of music for the church and EFY and stuff! She's a fantastic violinist and she kept playing all these songs with her kids. She confirmed my thought for the week by telling us that God answers prayers, but not always when we want Him to or how we expect. 
I am loving my time here. I am learning so much; about myself, about this crazy language, and about Christ's Gospel. This life is a beautiful one. I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow and for Christ's Atonement so that I can live with my Heavenly Father again. I love you all! Thank you for writing me and especially thank you to those who sent me letters this week! Those are major blessings(:
Jiayou! (add oil; in other words keep going)

Wo Ai Ni!
P.S. Dad, so the word for bishop is zhujiao. But if I say it with the wrong tones it means a completely different word. So I might say, "My dad is pig's feet." Don't worry, I'll be careful ;)
Sister Fisher
Gangsta Girls (Sister Lew)

                                          I can't wait to go to Taiwan and serve the people




Monday, August 11, 2014

 1/2 Way Through the MTC!               

Wow, I officially reached my one month mark on Saturday. That's so crazy! This has been the fastest and slowest month of my mission. I am absolutely loving every minute of it and I am constantly learning so much! The devotional on Tuesday night was by Bruce C. Hafen and it was pretty funny. He told a story about how he asked some boy who was called to serve in the Brazil mission if he knew any Spanish, and the boy responded completely serious, "I only know one word in Spanish... Aloha!" haha! He also talked about how going to the temple gives us power and so many blessings. I completely agree. Every time I go to the temple I walk away feeling empowered and so blessed by my loving Heavenly Father. Tuesday night Sister Strong and I were talking about how much we hated taking the language assessment test last week and we wished we could try again. Well, our wish came true because they didn't receive our answers! So we got to try it again and I felt much better about it because I actually tried! Haha. Elder Jensen came and told all of us that apparently we're leaving on September 5th, which is a Friday, which means that we are actually only here for about 8 1/2 weeks instead of 9! That was super exciting, and that meant that our "hump day" at the MTC was Wednesday or Thursday!

Celebrating One Month at the MTC

Wednesday morning I walked into my classroom and the Zhonglaomen (elders) began an elaborate game of charades and drawing on the board to try to explain that the night before a magic dragon cursed them so they can't speak English the rest of the time at the MTC (they gave up on that about 24 hours later). So I spent the whole day trying to figure out what they were trying to tell me! It helped me Zhongwen I have to say. I hosted again; 7 girls! And they all had about 3 pieces of luggage per person. Ugh. But I met a couple of Sisters who are going to the Roseville, California mission! I was super psyched for them(: In class we all had to teach Wu Laoshi together. We took turns teaching him, but I had no idea what was going on the whole time because it was all in Zhongwen. I got called on, and I felt prompted by the Spirit to bear my testimony. I pretty much said, "I have no idea what is going on, but I know that if you follow Christ's example and his commandments then He will bless you." Wu Laoshi told me that my testimony was very powerful. I know that I am inadequate at this moment in the language, but I know that God has called me to teach His children in Taiwan. I know that through Him all things are possible, and He will help me speak the language and bear my testimony of the truthfulness of the restored gospel! Tan Laoshi interviewed me later and told me that she has been noticing how much I have been improving in the language. Yay! But then I kind of got "san shi san"-ed. She told me that I need to be careful with how I interact with the other Zhonglaomen. She said that she was a lot like me when she was in the MTC; loud and outgoing. She said that she got lectured about "flirting" and stuff. But she told me that she didn't want to lecture me and that she understands that I just have a loud laugh. Gosh darn hahaha at least she understands me. Elder Heaps got the same talk, so basically any time we talk to each other my whole district "san shi san"s us. Hahaha. 

Sister Jenkins and Sister Strong reading the Book of Mormon in Zhongwen (Chinese).

Thursday morning Sister Strong and I were sitting outside during personal/companion study and people kept coming up and teaching us short phrases. One pair of sisters asked us what our favorite phrase in Chinese was and we didn't know. When they walked away I told Sister Strong that the only thing I could think of was "in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." She said that the only thing that came to her mind was "wo xuyao yong sheshou jien," which means "I have to use the bathroom." hahaha that girl cracks me up! In class I was being kind of sassy to Wu Laoshi again, oops. So he said, "who wants to teach the class about this concept?" and I said a little too loudly, "oh, I'm an excellent teacher." So he made me teach the class. I didn't understand the concept either so I asked the class, "does anyone have any suggestions on what this sentence structure looks like?" and they all responded in unison, "meiyou," which essentially means "no." Gosh darn. My district told me they were thoroughly entertained though. So Sister Lew's friend sent her doughnuts, so we had a doughnut party that night with our district. We were all going around and sharing love stories. Elder Elliot told a story about how he got offered a $1,000 dollars by his mom to take a girl to prom, and he turned it down. (Andy, you're going to appreciate this next part). So Sister Porter (a sister in my zone) was like, "Ahhh Elliot you idiot!" and I, being like my mother (lacking a frontal lobe) responded, "It's pronounced Elliot!" Everyone busted up but I felt so bad! I told him "I was quoting a movie! Open Season!" Oh dear me, me and my big mouth! Ever since I met him I have been quoting that in my mind, so I guess it finally came out at the right (or wrong) moment!
Friday I found out my score for my language assessment: 3.5 out of 7. Not too bad seeing as I got the same score as several other Elders in my district who have taken the language before(: Sister Strong and I taught our investigator Huang Li Xin and it was the most spiritual lesson of our life! We both knew what the other was going to say before we said it, and the spirit was guiding us around our lesson plan in a completely different order that flowed so much better. And we committed her to baptism! It was so incredible! We left the lesson and instantly said a pray to thank God for this opportunity. I know that the Lord will help me, and that He knows His children individually and how to help them. I know that through Him I can do anything. I know that He was guiding that lesson and that Huang Li Xin felt His love and His spirit through us. The Lord's work is absolutely incredible. Without Him I would not be able to learn Chinese as well as I am right now! I'm this white girl with four and a half weeks of experience with the language and I can bear my testimony about God's love and His restored gospel. Wow. Miracles do happen, we just need to take the time to notice them. Friday night we had another district bonding time over 3 boxes of doughnuts that Elder Elliot received. We went around and told everyone our first impressions of each other. Elder Jensen said that I had a good laugh and I reminded him of his friend, Elder Elliot and Elder Robinson both said that they were grateful that someone was worse at Chinese than them, and Elder Heaps said, "Well... she's loud." Haha! I love my district so much!
Saturday morning I played soccer, AND I MADE A GOAL! Whoo, first goal ever ;). Tan Laoshi evaluated my language assessment in class. She said that the person grading me said that I have a foreign accent, like a white girl trying to speak Zhongwen (weird, right?). But she also said that I sounded confident with the language! That's good to know because I don't feel confident! She said that I have a good outlook on learning the language and that she can tell I'm very determined to learn. All I can say is that the Lord's hand is in everything I am doing. After dinner we had 3 hours of personal study, but Sister Strong and I ended up wandering around and bearing our testimony to everyone in Zhongwen. Then she made me close my eyes and she lead me around the campus telling me directions in Zhongwen. I looked pretty ridiculous! We celebrated our one month mark by eating a ton of food with our district. #fatfatfat haha. My district is so funny. 
Sunday morning I woke up sick. Ugh. I hate colds. I felt tired and achey all day! In Relief Society Elizabeth D. Rose talked about the importance of trusting God. She said that the Atonement is an every present power that we can call upon everyday of our life. I know that my Savior, Jesus Christ, died on the cross for EVERYONE. It doesn't matter who you are, the Lord has atoned for our sins. We are still accountable for our actions, but through Him we can return to live with our Heavenly Father. We can use the Atonement everyday. I know I do. I am constantly praying and asking the Lord to send me guidance and comfort. He knows exactly what we are feeling and what we are going through. He loves us unconditionally and wants to help us all the time. I am so grateful for the atonement in my life. So my awkward moment of the day: right before Sacrament meeting one of the elders started to frustrate me, so I said really loudly, "Oh my gosh!" and everyone in the room went silent and stared at me. It was worthy of one of my dad's "be quiet Courtney" looks. Oops. I sometimes forget how loud I am... The devotional was sooo good! Richard I. Heaton invited converts to come up and share their conversion story. One girl said that a mom gave her a Book of Mormon so they both could make fun of it, but she ended up reading it and getting baptized! Nothing happens on accident. I know that for a fact. 
I promise that if you read the Book of Mormon the Spirit will testify to you of it's truthfulness. I know without a doubt that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that Joseph Smith translated it through the power of God. I know that Christ's church is on the earth today. I know that God still talks to prophets through revelation. I know that God loves everyone. Wo zhidao shen ai mei yi ge ren (I know God loves every single person). I am loving it here. I know this is where I'm supposed to be. The language is hard and humbling, but I know that all things are possible through God.
Thank you for writing and sending me your love(: It is so great to have so much support! I love you all!

Wo Ai Ni,

Jian Jie Mei 

One month celebration at the MTC with my District.

We leave September 5th for Taiwan


Elder McLaughlin and Elder Weber


Practicing using chop sticks



Monday, August 4, 2014

This Is Not My Time
Oh my goodness, this was the fastest week I've experienced here at the MTC. The weeks are starting to fly by! This week was a really good week. Not too many funny experiences to share though. On Monday during class we were playing a game where we have to ask questions in Zhongwen in rhythm, and my companion asked me, "Ni shenme shihou gangga?" which basically means "when are you awkward?" I responded "everyday." I guess she was trying to say "changga" which means "sing" so she was trying to ask me when I sing. Hahaha I love my companion. On Tuesday my whole district fasted for one of our Elders. He had been throwing up for some time and wasn't getting better. I think it's incredible the amount of faith these 18 and 19 year old Elders and Sisters have in the power of fasting. It was a true testimony builder to me (he's better now! The Lord hears our prayers!) During choir practice, our choir teacher asked us "What was your chance of being picked in the pre-existence to be a latter day saint missionary? 1 in 1,000. You were hand picked by the Lord! And what were your chances of being picked as a 'hastening the work' missionary? 1 in 1,000,000!" That gave my mission so much more meaning to know that I was chosen before I even came to this earth to do this work. It is such an honor to be a tool in the Lord's hands to bring His children unto Christ. My testimony has grown so much in the past 4 weeks! I love being here and there is seriously no where else I would rather be! The devotional Tuesday night was by John H. Groberg, the guy who wrote the book "The Other Side of Heaven" about his missionary experience in Tonga! (I heard the movie is really good, so you should watch it! Plus Anne Hathaway is in it and she's fantastic). He compared bearing our testimony to two tuning forks: when you strike your fork (bear your testimony) someone else's spirit will start to vibrate. It was super neat!

During companionship study on Wednesday my companion and I were talking to our Zone Leaders, Elder Ulrich and Elder Nipper, and they randomly decided to give us a short message. They told us that it is important to use our time wisely here at the MTC. Our mission has started; we're not going to get set apart again when we get out to the field. This is the Lord's time and we need to use it wisely. I felt the Spirit so strongly! They are so awesome. I got to host missionaries on Wednesday(: I hosted four girls, and one of them was crying so that was sad. On Thursday Elder Jensen and I started to go crazy from being at the MTC. I was laughing at everything, and he was running around with a giant flower in his pocket saying "Herro, I am your host!" In a strange accent. We're all going mad. In class Tan Laoshi told us that we need to start using our time effectively. We need to act and not be acted upon. We need to take our learning into our own hands. Right now is not my time. I sometimes just want to take a break and have me time, but this isn't about me. This is about doing the Lord's work. This is the Lord's time, and for the next 18 months I am completely dedicated to doing His work. 
Elder Sng I absolutely adore this kid
On Friday I took a language assessment test. I went to the computer lab and they give me a scenario and I have a minute to respond in Zhongwen. Well... I pretty much said "ummmm...." for the whole minute. Ugh. I feel like my Zhongwen has improved immensely since day one, but I still feel like I have a LONG way to go! In class I was being a little hyper and snapping my fingers at Elder Wheeler and Wu Laoshi, who never speaks English, said "Ok, sit down sassy..." haha! I died. He apologized to me after but I thought it was funny. Saturday morning I had my second TRC (Teaching Resource Center). I had to teach two 20 minutes lessons to members. It was really nice! My companion and I got a couple that was from Taiwan and they spoke so fast! When we asked them to bear their testimony I just pretended to understand and nodded and smiled. I'm so awkward. But the next lesson was sooo good! We had already taught the man before, so I was a lot more comfortable! I felt like I could hold a basic conversation and understand most of what he was saying! The Lord is seriously helping me so much here! I know that without Him I am nothing! I am so grateful for His guidance and help everyday of my life! My companion and I worked on our "companionship unity" by playing hymns together. That was so much fun. Ok, so here's a little bit about Sister Caitlin Strong. I absolutely love her. When I first met her, I was a little worried because we are so different. If we were in high school together, we would have been in different friend groups. But over the past 4 weeks I have come to love her so much. She is so wonderful and makes me laugh all the time. We both are learning at the same pace, and she helps me all the time. She has taught me charity and Christ-like love. We already have plans to meet up after our missions and have movie nights and stuff. (She's from Hooper Utah... she gets angry at me when I pronounce it wrong and tells me the 'O's are pronounced like in "hooker" haha!). 
Our district wants to sing in Sacrament, so Sister Strong and I have been trying to work on arranging a song together. We did pretty well, but when we started practicing with our district we remembered that Elder Elliot's dad is the organist for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and he could arrange a song so much easier. So we'll probably do that haha. Elder Elliot is one of the smartest people I've ever met. He reminds me of Sean T. Burris and he is so sweet. Every day in class he writes random chemistry and physics equations that I can't understand (Everyone in the Mandarin zone is so smart! I don't even understand!). Oh, and Elder Robinson is absolutely incredible at playing piano. He played for all of us Saturday night and it made me miss piano and taking lessons. My district is seriously so awesome!
Last night's devotional was by the BYU president, Kevin J. Worthen. He said this quote (I don't remember who it's by), "Preach the gospel at all time, and when necessary, use words." I love that. We can all be examples of Christ through our actions as well as our words. I watched a movie afterwards; Joseph Smith: The Restoration. Oh my goodness that movie is so good I recommend you all watch it! I know without a doubt that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. I know that he restored Christ's gospel. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and testifies of Christ. I know without a doubt that this church is true. I know that God answers prayers and that He loves all of us. I love this gospel so much. I cannot think of anywhere else I'd rather be right now. 
I encourage you all to pray to your Heavenly Father and tell Him about your needs and concerns and just about your life in general. He cares about you and wants to help you.
I love you all so much!(:

Wo Ai Ni!
Jian Jie Mei